Why? Questions
Because : Answers

Why of Many-Many Why”s

Because it is in order to help create the foundations, in, of, for, within and upon the truthful, good and right Conditions and Environments Necessary and are required in, of, for, within and to (2) :

Making Living Life Easier Better and Safer : 

For Global Community Neighbourhood’s Members and their Families. Relatives, next-door Neighbours, Strangers and friends alike, as well as for the Community Neighbourhoods throughout their Country

the questions are:

When will The 90% of Human Chemical Beings :

Choose to be of Being in, of, for and within their gifts and gift of life : ? x 3


because when will human chemicall beings :
finanally choose to embrace their intution in,of,for and within their:

Inner centered spirit form : ? x 3


Through Your Intuition = Inner Centered Spirit Form 

Yup the:
Image of Image can communicate (mentally talk) to each other:
Chemical Human Beings:
Do not fully understand their True Qua’s Gifts
Human Chemical Beings vulnerable :
Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings:
Hinder, Prevent and place Huge Limits upon:
Themselves and Other People, around themselves, from being able to be of Being in, of, for and within their Gifts and Gift of Life
The Questions is : 
Will and Shall : More Chemical Human Being’s:
Begin : To Choose To (2)
See to (2) See
C 2 CY
In order to be able to(2) :
Seek to Find
So as to Empower Themselves
To be able and willing to (2):
Sow : So that they Shall and Will Reap from their Doings and Workings
Why? of Many-Many Why’s
Because if You Choose to (2):
Sow : You Shall and Will Reap
Seek : You Will and Shall Find
Now the Question is:
Will Chemical Human Beings:
Choose to Step Backwards: In order to (20) :
To (2) Pause to Pause:


Because: Your Inner Centered Spirit Form:

Has a 360 degree view of all that is around you physically throughout the Day and Night:

Your Inner Centered Spirit Form: 

Has so many-many other Gifts for Your Well Being within, of, for and in Your Awesome Beautiful Gifts and Gift of Life

Because it is in order for You (2) be able be in, of, for and within Your Human Mind and Mindset : 

So that You may have Your Free Will of Birthright to (2) Choose:

So as to be able to  (2) :
Truly start to Live in, of, for and within : 
Your True Qua:
So as to be able to work upon the focus of creating:
Your own Heathy and Sound Body, Mind, Mindset and Soul :
So as to (2) Empower Your Inner Centered Spirit Form’s Gifts in being able to (2) :
Partake of this Awesome Beautiful World: Called Home and Earth
Yet not Become of the Evils in, of, for and within this World
Image of Image :
Vibrating and Echoing in of, for and within the:
ECHO of the Truth of Goodness in, of, for and within Truthfulness of the Pure Living Lights :
In, of, for and within the Two Spiraling and Rotating Vortexes in of, for and within the Diamond Colours 
Keep it Simple and Truthful :
You need to Move – Love : From One Point to the Next
“Love Alle Forma in Qua”