Clean Water Solutions for Florida

Florida nitrates and pesticides.
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Clean water solutions for Florida’s canals and water bodies.
27 October 2020, Siobhan Brogan-Campbell, Douglas Campbell
The problems of high nutrients and pollutants in water bodies.
– Nitrate toxicity of humans has been well studying scientifically and proven to cause cancers of vital organs and causes deformities in babies, for years.
Nitrate concentration are particularly high in water run offs from agriculture lands, and would add to the tumors on fish species in Lake Okeechobee and other Florida water ways.
Aquatic pesticides.
Astronomical amounts of studies, have shown  associations between pesticide exposure and solid tumours. The most consistent associations were found for brain and prostate cancer in humans.
Kiidney cancer in children, have been associated to their parents’ exposure to pesticides at their work.
Given all the available medical scientific data on cancers, it’s hard to believe that FWC are allowed to promote the spraying of poisonous sprays on Lake Okeechobee and other Florida water bodies, as an aquatic management tool, for aquatic vegetation.
So many videos and pictures of Florida fishermen showing cancerous tumours on deformed fish.
Yet every FWC town hall meeting the officials denounce the scientific proof, yet in the same breath that state Floridians should trust the science.
 Strange that they know scientifically of the various substances, elements, and chemicals that cause cancerous tumours and deformities, yet continue to spray pesticides on Florida’s water bodies and water ways.
Pesticides increase nitrates, nutrients levels, methane and ammonia toxicity, bad for the health of humans and nature’s biodiversity, as it flows towards the ocean.
Resulting in weakened immune systems during the COVID 19 Pandemic, not good.
Speeding up Climate Change and Global Warming.
** Hydrogen peroxide treatments in Lake Okeechobee
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Hydrogen peroxide has been proved scientifically to cause the death of phytoplankton and zooplankton in freshwater bodies, as well as kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Hydrogen peroxide will cause these life forms deaths, to increase the nutrient loads of Lake Okeechobee astronomically.

Phytoplankton and diatom species are the most abundant life forms in fresh water.

Global diatom cycle, are used as studies  to assess the water quality cycles of freshwater body’s health

The results of the extra nutrient loads in the water pouring out of Lake Okeechobee will feed the red tides along the both costal areas of Florida.

Red tide blooms will the cause the death of marine life along the coastlines, as well as the various estuaries.

Given the global scientific studies and research, on the effects of using hydrogen peroxide on freshwater bodies, it is hard to believe that FWC scientists would approved the use of hydrogen peroxide on Lake Okeechobee, via the company BlueGreen Water Technologies.

FWC officials and scientists have already acknowledged that Lake Okeechobee’s high nutrient levels feed and cause red tides to bloom along Florida’s coast lines and estuaries.

The lower food chains in Lake Okeechobee will be decimated.

* High toxic levels of selenium from agriculture fertilizers
 27 October 2020, Siobhan Brogan-Campbell, Douglas Campbell
Fertilisers can cause water eco systems to have high selenium levels which can cause deformities in fish and birds, and high levels of selenium will kill birds and fish…plenty deformed and tumor fish in Lake Okeechobee and other water bodies in Florida.
Toxic selenium levels have the same effects on humans
* Pesticides and herbicides entering freshwater bodies effects the bottom food chain of diatom wall construction.
Many scientific studies have revealed samples of diatoms with high abnormal frustule, from streams contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, when compared to streams without these poisons
** Clean water solutions that can aid and restore the health and water quality of Floridas water bodies
– Cheap devices that can remove blue green algae blooms, toxic metals, high nutrient levels, fertilizer nutrients,ammonia and methane gasses, nitrates, selenium levels, sewage, pesticides and herbicides componds and mineral metals, chemical and organic pollutants, nano plastic particles, discoloured water from bacteria blooms, inorganic and organic matter water pollutants , natural acidification salts, from the vertical water columns and their surface layer. Link
– Cheap devices that can restore benifical bacteria, phytoplankton and diatoms.
Aids the zooplankton food chains.
Zooplankton and crabs contain bacteria and enzymes that can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
Blue horseshoe crab blood used for this purpose in vaccines batch testing.
Crabs eat decaying matter that is colonised by bacteria attached to the dead and decaying flesh.
– Cheap devices that remove the chlorine, e coli, ammonia, methane and nutrients been releases from sewage plants into freshwater bodies.
– Cheap devices that remove the high glucose content pouring from sugar processing plants into fresh water bodies.
– Cheap devices to funnel in and filter out blue green algae blooms, on the open waters of Lake Okeechobee, due to the pushing fronts and rotating eddies of current flows, that condence the blue green algae blooms.(links)
For people and businesses who would like to see the above solutions become a reality for the healthier “Clean Water” of freshwater bodies in Florida, you can support these solutions at (, in many ways.
How to support these solutions to become a reality
– you can sign up you business to advertise your brand name, that you make donations towards these solutions.
Consumers from the area will then know that spending at your businesses, aids them aid to contribute to ” Clean Water”.
– Tourism and travel agencies, that sell Nature based natural environments of various travel packages to their client, can advertise their brand name.
Clients that support them will know that some of their money spent, will aid Florida’s goals of ” Clean Water”.
– you can also nominate the device you would like to support.
– people wanting to get involved in the solutions can email the website or available awareness emails.
– the public can also donate to any device solution that appeals to them.
The devices are quick and easy to constructed and install.
Without interventions to combat the various sources of pollutants entering Florida’s water bodies, the health threats to Floridians and their natural biodiversity will then continue to intensify.
Florida recieves a lot of rain thought-out the year, that washes down high nutrient and pollutant levels through their freshwater bodies and out their estuary mouths.
Nature has the solutions, for the Blue Planet’s gifts of life.