The Truth of Truth : Has already been Spoken into Being: Hmmmm 2024

The Truth of Truth : Has already been Spoken into Being: Hmmmm 2024
What if ypu as a : Girl or Boy / Women or Man
Choose to acknowledge and focu upon : Your Intuition/Knowings : In,of, for, upon, through, by, and from your Inner Centered Spirit Form of Being
What would happen : If you choose to understand and listen to the Guidence, Help and Love : In,of,from, by and through the Vioces in your Soul/Head, Dreams,Visions, Imagination & Knowings of Knowledge & Wisdom.
What if you choose to Except and use the Gifts of your Tru Qua in, of and for Your Inner Centered Spirit Form Being?
Would this result in a Chemical Human Being: Then Becoming focused on a Sound and Health Body, Mind, Soul and Inner Centered Spirit Form of Tru Qua Being
Would this then Make Living Life Easier Better and Safer: Within Global Community Neighborhood’s?
Would it then make and create:  Conditions & Environments : For Global Community Neighborhood’s Members and their Children,  Families,,Relatives, next door Neighbors, Strangers and Friends alike:
Because : What does it mean in True Form of Purposes: in,of and for the words:
“Love Alle Form in Qua”
Hmmmm :
How could any  Chemical Human Being: Be able too truely gain: The State of Pure Blissfiilness of Being?
What if school children choose to Learn and Study: With and through their Inner Centered Spirit Form of True Qua Being/Image?
Would make it then very Easy for Children, Teens and Adults: To be able to create far more possibilities for and in the many opportunities to make far more of their past, present and future “Dreams, Hopes, Wishes, Goals, Visions & Solutions ” in, of and for being focused upon their many-many-many Purposes of Truely Being in,of and for their Gifts and Gift of Life.
Would this result and enable Global Community Neighborhood’s Members: To then experience Life: To be Easier, Better and Safer?
What are the Actions, Words and Experiences of :  True Love : in, of and for the Gifts and Gift of Life ? ? ? ?

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