Why? Questions and Because Answ


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Why of Many-many why's

Why? : Questions 
Because : Answers

Through Your Intuition = Inner Centered Spirit Form 

Yup the: 
Image of Image can communicate (mentally talk) to each other:
Unfortunately: Chemical Human Beings: Do not fully understand their True Qua’s Gifts

Human Chemical Beings vulnerable Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings:

Hinder, Prevent and place Limits upon: Themselves from being able to be of Being in, of, for and within their Gifts and Gift of Life

The Questions is :

Will and Shall : More Chemical Human Being’s:

Begin : To Choose To (2) : 

See to(2) See

C 2 CY

In order to be able to(2) : 

Sow to Reap

Why? of many-many Why’s

Because if You Choose to(2):

Sow You Shall and Will Reap

Seek You Will and Shall Find

Now the Question is:

Will Chemical Human Beings: Choose to Step Backwards: 
In order to (2):

Pause to Pause:

In order to (2) be able be in, of, for and within their Human Mind and Mindset :
So as to be able to : Truly start to Live in, of, for and within; 
Your True Qua:
Partake in the World
Yet not Become of the World’s Evils
Image of Image: Vibrate in of, for and within the:
ECHO of the Truth of Goodness in, of, foe and within Truthfulness of Pure Living Lights :

Of the Two Spiraling and Rotating Vortexes in of, for and within the Diamond Colours 


Keep it Simple and Truthful

You need to (2) : Move-Love from One Point to (2) the Next

:Love Alle Forma in Qua”

Why? of many-many Why’s


Do You C 2 CY

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