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For Global Citizens wanting to save parents, grandparents and children from dying of COVID19, to stop the COVID 19 Pandemic worldwide and to save Nature and the Environment About us : 7 The website and blog was made to help Global Citizens aid Nature in sustaining the ” Gifts of Life” on their “Planet”. View sketches & drawings, videos and blogs to know our mindset towards Nature and how Global Citizens can aidtheir Planet’s “Gifts of Life” to Marine Life, Wildlife and to their own communities. At present trying to help Global Citizens realise that they can ” Protect & Cure their Parents, Grandparents and Children” from COVID 19. Global Citizens can end the”Global Pandemic of COVID 19″. Global Citizens can also end the”COVID 19 Mental Health Crisis”, they are being forced to endure. The “COVID 19 Plan B Strategies”, that if implimented by ordinary Global Citizens in their own towns and city suburbs, will afford them and their community the opportunities to ” End the Global COVID 19 Pandemic” worldwide: * At present global citizens have been told that their is no cure for COVID 19 and that humanity can not build immunity against  COVID 19. * At present globally, asymptomatic people are proving that humanity can have ” Immunity Against COVID 19″, for the viruses can not cause any “COVID 19 Flu Like Symptoms” in any ” COVID 19 asymptomatic persons”. * Many asymptomatic persons have been tested medically to be free of the virus in 14 days.* Some presymptomatic and severe COVID 19 cases can take 3 to 6 weeks to be free of the virus.* Some people have very mild flu like symptoms from COVID 19. * NB : Many people experience COVID 19 as an initial 2 to 5 day period of severe head aches, upper body aches and pains, upper body swollen glands, some have upset stomachs, some fell like vomiting and some vomit.After their initial 2 to 5 day period they begin to recover fast and some have even been tested medically to be free of the virus in 14 days.  NB : The medically proof of a “COVID 19 Test for antibody over stimualtion” on any asymptomatic persons, reveals that their immune systems and antibodies are not even stressed about any COVID 19 viruses present in their blood stream, nasal passages or lungs.To the point that their immune system will not need to flood their bodies with antibodies to find copies that can destroy COVID 19. NB : The 3% of the global population whom have died and of those at high risk would have and should wished that their bodies already contain marker cells and memory cells capable of recognising SARS-CoV2 and making copies of their body”s know antibodies that have destroyed SARS or COVID 19 before. NB : Or these asymptomatic persons contain phenomenal marker cells and antibodies capable of being able to recognize COVID 19 viruses and they have antibodies that can destroy the viruses and any cells that the virus infects super quickly. NB NB NB : Or these asymptomatic persons have body cells that produce inflammation enzymes that destroy bacteria linked to the manufacturer and multiplying processing capacities of COVID 19 virus. NB NB NB : The human body relies heavily on bacteria to assist in the chemical functions of the body.Even cancer cells are destroyed by antibodies within the human body.  NB : Right now Humanity needs all the help and advantages they can recieve to destroy COVID 19 viruses of the 3% of Global Citizens who are at high risk of dying. NB NB NB :At present globally, blood plasma from people who have recovered from COVID 19 are being used to cure critical ill patients in 3 days, unfortunately 1 donor can only cure 3 people at a time.Globally this is the quickest cure. Unfortunately “Asymptomatic Persons Antibodies” are not considered worthy or seen as an advantage towards the 3% of Global Citizens at high risk of dying of COVID 19 or as protection against the damages that the viruses cause to the human body. ***** COVID 19 Plan B Strategies for towns and city sunburbs to cure their parents, grandparents, children and any other members of their community : * At present globally, preventative medicines and measures are being promoted.Therefore if more of the 3 % of Global Citizens are to be saved, then they would have to be treated and cured before the COVID 19 viruses destroy and weaken their body. * People who remain sick after the initial 2 to 5 day period would be needed the opportunity to be able to take “Blood Donor Antibodies” if they so wished. * People who do not want “Blood Donor Antibodies” would have to take their chances with other medical measures and procedures being used globally. * At present medical data and science states that COVID 19 enters the blood stream and attacks blood and capillary vessel cell walls and vital organs cells.In doing so the viruses destroy multiple cells which break up and flood the blood stream with particles of cells that causes “Blood Clots” which are cause fatal strokes and heart attacks.Other medical complications such as acidic blood causes major difficulty breathing and septicemia can be fatal. These medical complications highlight the need to cure the 3 % of Global Citizens before they reach these complications, unfortunately “Blood Donors Antibodies” are only given to critical ill patients just before they are in need of “Sedation, Ventilation and near Death”. * Global what is needed is for communities in their towns and city suburbs to form NGOs and setup procedures for blood donations and facilities for nurses to be able to offer an “Injection of a small amount of donors plasma’.5 to 10 ml of 1 donors plasma’ at 400ml would cure 40 to 80 of their community members or any tourists that may need help of been cured of COVID 19. * I am starting a multitude of go funds, that people so that people can contribute to their own town or city suburb’s NGO : – You name your town or city suburb’s state or province and country.- These are go funds so the monies go straight to your town or city suburbs.- Looking for people wanting to start their own NGO in their own town or city suburbs.- It is your town or city suburb NGO, but with preconditions that once the COVID 19 Pandemic is ended, the NGO will then switch to helping the poor in need of fresh produce and proteins, and farm land will need to be aquired to hire or buy to produce for the poor.The NGO will also need to invest in Eco Projects that aid Nature’s “Gifts of Life”- In doing the above the NGO will ensure that their community and Nature both benifit from each other being in harmony.- This will also encourage local and big business to support their NGOs. ***** What I see happening :  – The Global Pandemic will be ended, for 3% of the world’s population will be able to gain access to “Blood Donors Antibodies”. – If Global Citizens choose to have facilities and procedures that heal and cure the 3 % of people in their town or city suburb then the COVID 19 Pandemic will be ended and hospital commence with their normal medical care. – local and big business will support the NGOs with tax moneies, so that the COVID 19 Pandemic can be ended, businesses gain because of social care of community. – Any tourists visiting the area will have medical aid and their medical aid can aid the NGO with payment. – Community memebers with medical aid the NGO, and in this way they can then provide more “Blood Donor Antibodies Cure”, to more of their community members. – Blood Donors Antibody Plasma, can be stored at hospitals and blood banks, and when need be the NGO can set up procedures for community members and tourists to recieve “Blood Donors Antibody Plasma”. For anyone interested in saving parents, grandparents and children from their community and wanting to “End The Global COVID 19  Pandemic”, you can contact me on the following: eaglesaquaguardians.org ripcurrentabcs@gmail.com douglascampbellmarine@gmail.com aquarainbows7@gmail.com aquarainbows.comShop ,cause and goals. Facebook:Douglas Campbell :https://www.facebook.com/cameron.reed.7906 Corona Recovery and Medication Global COVID 19 Plan B Strategies Eagles Aqua Guardians Aqua Petitions 4 Starting Environmental Projects Siobhan Global Foods and Feeding Strategies Other contact persons: Yvonne Brogan : brogan.vonnie72@gmail.com Siobhan Brogan-Campbell: siobhaneaglesaquaguardians@gmail.com