Goals: Goals:* To help Global Citizens to have COVID 19 Plan B Strategies in their town or city suburb, to see that as many of their community members can receive medical assistance in their homes due to having to self-medicate to recovery from COVID 19.

* Help as many of the elerly and vulnerable obtain access to organic produce and the large variety of long known nature medicinal herbs and plants, that boost the “Innate and Adaptive Immune Systens Naturally”.Natural Foods, have antibactial and antiviral properties, with a host of minerals that support the daily needs and chemical functions of the human body.

Globally the survial rate of COVID 19 strains, mutaions and new variant is 99.98 % of the “Human Race”.Diabetics and obesity sufferes, have a shotage of “Insulin”, which is the main reseason why they are dying from the ‘COVID 19 Pandemic”, for their respirator tissue cells, need ‘Insulin” to activate their ‘Cytokin Defence Peptides”.Main reseason why they die, is beacuse their ‘Lung Tissue Cells”, are not recieving suffient insulin to activate the mucus layer’s composition of antibodies and cell tissues are not secreteingsuffient cytokin peptides, to destroy shedding viruses.

“Moringa Trees”, both as a fresh tea-brew and in tablet form has been used to destroy over 300 diseases, and was already used by ancient Egptians and Civilisations thousands of  years. The Moringa Tree is also know as the “Tree of Life”, for it has so many benicial minerals and flavorant peptides, known to increase the “Health and Functions”, of vital organs. * Help the elderly and vulnerable gain access to “Moringa Trees”.

* Help as many of the elderly and vulnerable in these communities to get access to human plasma antibodies, for their bodies can not cope with strong and powerful medications antiviral drug treatments.Why? Because many are on chronic medication and 50% of medication has hydrochloride salts that turn to hydrochloric acid that cause shortness of breath and many other side effects.* Afford as many people as possible in these communities to receive cure procedures, for the quicker they can be healed the less damage will occur to their lungs.

* Aid as many child, teens and adults to understand how easy it is to excel academically.

Why?:- Because it will aid them mentally as well as increasing the collective problem solving brain power for COVID 19, Climate Change, Global Warming, solutions for food relief at present and to be able to develop solutions for humanity to be more in harmony with Nature.* Help people understanding how easy it is to understand their beach surf zones and rip currents, so that less people drown.NB NB by being able to understand their surf zone it then becomes easy for them to understand their “Planets Oceans”, so that they can then come up with ” Eco- Solutions” that aid the Oceans and Nature to recovery.

* Help Children, Teens and Adults understand and gain insights of how easy it is to overcome ADD and ADHD, to be able go excel academically and socially.This will also allow many to overcome anxiety, depression, suicide and other mental problems of self doubt, that have been caused by misunderstandings of ADD, ADHD and dyslexia.

Even a mis-diagnosed, so called dyslexia grade 7 school boy( junior school) who was 2nd last in his class and stated as been dyslexic, then starts grade 8 ( high school) and from the very first class test receives a 100 pass rate and stays top of his grade 8D class,  for exams and class tests.He continues achieving 95% to 100% for class tests.He is then moved from 8D to the 8A class and achieves an overall 94% pass rate for end of year and is placed 16th from the top, out of 93 grade 8 school pupils.If the bot was “Dyslexic”, as per diagnose, it would of been impossible to have achieved the 94% overall pass rate, and he would of never been moved to the 8A class.

Will still put an ebook together for how the boy and the girl below managed to achieve the rapid excelleration of school exam successes. Funds will go towards promoting goals “4humanity4nature.com”, which are the same goals for humanity, nature and this Blue Planet, which is ‘Home to All’.

How a 12 year old girl is weaned off her ADD medication, in January of 2018. She then starts to achieve 80 to 90%  for some of her school subject’s exams.

* Help children , teens and adults understand how easy it is to know the exact physical areas that trigger emotions and how to control and use them to aid their immune system, which aids the wellbeing and health of their bodies, minds and Souls.