What is True Love in,of and for your True Qua: 2024

What is True Love in,of and for your True Qua: 2024
Why of Why?
Because of Because
Seek to Find the 2 + 2 = 4
Sound and Healthy Body,Mind, Soul and Inner Centered Spirit Form Being (4)
2 in, of and for 2 = See to See: So that you may easily afford and allow your selves:
To (2) Excel and Thrive Academically and Socially at School & in , of and for your Gifts and Gift of Life
1: “Love Alle Forms in Qua” = With your Physical Cemical Human Being’s: Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and logical 1 + 1 = 2 Thinking
2: “Love Alle Forms in Your True Qua Form” = Your Inner Centered Spirit Form and your Soul( The Brain : like Thoughts ,Feelings, Emotions,  Knowing of Knowings,  Knowledge of Knowledge,  Wisdom of Wisdom
3 : Only then can your True Image of Image of Pure Love : Be Experienced and Lived each moment in, of and for your Gifts and Gift of Life
4. Now choose to Move : From One Point to the Next
Because you will of obtained the Purposes of the 4 = 2 + 2
5 by 5 = 25 = Super Blessings
It is being spoken Right here : Into being :So that you may Become your Tru Qua Being:
Well Done: See to See Why/ C 2 CY
Speak the Truth : For only then Shall your words become Physical Actions of Being:
To (2) Safeguard, Protect,Aid,Help, and Enhance the Lives and Gifts of the Meek and the Mild
See to See
Seek and You Will Find the Truth of Truth
For only the Truth of True Love : Is the Will you seek to be Empowered to be for the Meek and the Mild: The Journey of Moving: To Experience Understandings & Knowings in,of and for : ” Love Alle Form in Qua = Blissfiilness and Blessing “
Now what is True Love in,of and for your Qua?
Now choose to be calm & still: Now think about the Meanings, Feelings, and Emotions  upon the Blissfiilness within,of and for True Love,  Joy, Happiness and Laughter in of and for the Soundness and Health of your Body, Mind’ Soul and Inner Centered Spirit Form:
You will Soon connect and stepping/moving one step backwards: Within &  into the Aruo of Magnetic Spiraling and Rotating White and Blue Vortexes : Of your Complete Inner Centered Spirit Form of Being
Knowledge of Knowledge,  to (2) Wisdom of Wisdom: Will Flow to you : Knowings and Understandings will soon be revealed : Through your Intuition:
Seek to Listen: For you will hear and see : For Visions, Images, Words and Gut Feelings will Begin:
Now choose to Empower the Gifts of your True Image’s Qua…
You will now be in a position to make your Birthright choice…..To Truely be of and for Chemical Human Beings
: Who have now choosen to be of many many many Purposes of truely being in,of and for your Gifts and Physical Gift of Life.
Now Move: It is Easy: You now Know how to Move,Live and Experience your Precious and Beautiful Gifts and Gift of Life
XXXXX X XXXXX 11:11 in,of and for the 7th

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