Mental Wellness 4 School Children: Excel & Thrive

Mental Wellness 4 School Children; Excel & Thrive


Our main focus is upon 11 : 11 being the purposes, goals and visions of and

Why and How?


To help Nature and Humanity, to be able to help Planet Earth to be able to sustain and maintain the “Gifts of Life”


By helping more children, teens and adults, to be able to read for comprehension, so that they can then  afford and allow themselves, to complete grade 12, to be well spoken, read and educated, through having completed their country’s “Basic Education”.

In doing so, they then allow and afford themselves to “Focus Upon” making far more possibilities to opportunities of making more of the “Dreams and Hopes” become their Reality, Truth, and Purposes of Being in, of, and for their “Gift of Life”.

This then results in astronomically reducing global teen suicides and school bullying.

It also results in astronomically reducing global violence against women, children and within communities.


For it then means, on a global scale, that there will be an astronomical drop amongst children, teens and adults, relying upon the ” Power of Anger”, as a coping mechanism to suppress and cope with any of their vulnerable emotions and feelings, they may have during the day or night.

This then means, on a global scale there will be more children, teens adults being able to focus upon their “Dreams and Hopes”, and in doing so they then automatically begin to solve problems and issues, within their homes, neighborhoods and country.

It also means that one of the “Initial Quests”, for starting these websites, will be achieved, and that is to curb “Global Teen and Adult Suicides“.

It also means that another “Initial Quest” will be achieved, and that is to increase the “Global Collective Brainstorming Capabilities and Abilities of Humanity” so that they can use their natural problem solving abilities and capabilities, to become the actions, needed to solve their own unique community problems and issues, as well as been able to solve their neighborhood and country’s climate change challenges.

It also means, that more of the “Initial Quests”, will be achieved, for globally their will be far less children and adults being diagnosed with “Dyslexia‘, or suffering from anxiety and stress  induce Dyslexia.

Diagnosed with dyslexia results in the development of ADD and ADHD learning problems and issues, that then results in many people developing life long “Mental Disorders and Problems” such as depression and anxiety, which cause chemical imbalances, within the brain and bloodstream.

There is a saying “You become what you think and believe’.



For it is the power of your  ” Mindsets (Thoughts, Emotions, Bodily Feelings and Sensations) Chemical Productions“, within your brain and throughout your “Nervous Systems Connections” to vital organs and your gut system.

My daughter went through 5 years, of having to endure ADD medication, of Concerta and Nuzak, and right from word go I said no, don’t put my daughter on these medications.

She was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD.

Unfortunately being divorced and being a commercial fishing skipper, I did not get to see my daughter often enough.

Eventually my daughter being as skinny as a rack, and showing major anemia, had an episode in the back of their family car on their way to “Blou Berg Beach”, Cape Town, South Africa, not far from where they lived.

She experienced server difficulty in breathing and her heart was racing and pounding and she thought she was dying.

The car has to immediately stop on the side of the road.

Siobhan’s mom, granny and uncle also thought that there was something drastically medically wrong and life threatening.

Siobhan regained her breathing abilities and they they turned the car around and when home.

Siobhan’s mom asked her if she has taken any drugs with her friends,


Siobhan said no, and said it was her ADD medication.

Siobhan, at 12 years old, turned around and said she wants to get off all of her ADD medication.

She was weaned off her ADD medication.

Siobhan then began to pick up weight and began to excel and thrive at school.

She had just started her grade 7 (standard 5) school year,

Siobhan first term exams, resulted in her achieving 90℅ EMS, English 80%, History 71%, Africkaans 56%…

The “Initial Ouests” for starting these websites, is because Siobhan wanted to curb globally teen suicides, due to Eco Anxieties and Stress, and because of “Teen Suicides causes by Teen Bullying”.

Right from word go Siobhan and spoke about how we could achieve this.

We decided we would put an ebook together, as well as use these website posting talking about what helped her to not be dyslexic and not need ADD medications.

There are posts within this blog explaining this.

We have worked on constructing and putting the writing material of the ebook together.

Will be posting links here, for a Free Basic Ebooklet: On how to Excel and Thrive Academically and Socially.

Links to be posted here:

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And then : An Ebook that goes into more detail of the explanations and methods children, teens and adults can use to be able to ” Excel and Thrive Academically and Socially.