Water security:

Make Dry Riverbeds Flow Again: Greening Deserts, Drought Stricken Areas, Agricultural lands, Forests, Wetlands

mountain devices 4 water security:

Mountain device, to secure water security:

Devices designed to handle 60 to 80 knots of wind, why?

Because due to Milankovitch Cycles, Planet Earth will experience natural orbiting cycles that will cause global warming and climate change.



– https://youtu.be/oCEZFMtW5Pw



Globally, with Planet Earth, now being in a Warming Orbit Cycle of Milankovitch, the Sun’s radiation now results in more water evaporation from the oceans and seas, which cause more Clouds to form in the atmosphere, on a global scale.

At present globally, media and news channels, are being used by many countries government representatives, presidents, United Nations and WHO representatives and COP26 representatives, many Scientists and Marine Biologists, Eco and Nature Foundations, Organizations, NGO’s and individuals, to highlight the global increase of floods, storms, hurricanes, tropical revolving storms and rising sea levels.

At present the Earth is in a circular Milankovitch orbit around the Sun, which will result in greater warming of Planet Earth, which will cause more clouds in the atmosphere, which will increase “Green House Warming”, which everyone knowns and has experienced that when there is cloud cover at night, the temperature will be warmer and when there is no cloud cover, the night air will get super cool and cold, due to the heat from the day quickly radiating out into the cosmos.

The global increase of extra cloud cover, creates extreme humidity which allows for CO2 to quickly be converted to carbonic acids to fall upon land masses, oceans and seas.

Carbonic acid is vital for the life of terrestrial flora, aquatic plants, animals and humans;

Good link as to why carbonic acid is so vital for the Gifts of Life upon Planet earth: 




Unfortunately CO2 (Carbon dioxide) has been demonised as the cause of Global Warming and Climate Change’


Unfortunately all the scientific and medical evidence, studies and research of why CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is the only reason why Life on the Planet Earth is possible, yet globally the information and data is being denied and ignored, or deemed to be false news or misinformation,


Now with all the extra clouds cover globally, it presents the most perfect opportunities for country’s to obtain water from orographical clouds, that are forming on mountain tops and on high altitude inland peaks and areas. 


Make Dry Riverbeds Flow Again: Greening Deserts, Drought Stricken Areas, Agricultural lands, Forests, Wetlands

Collecting Desert Humidity

harvesting water from high altitude clouds in drought stricken areas

harvesting water from orographic clouds on moutain tops blowing at 60 to 80 knots. gale force winds & Clouds

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