Are you perhaps interested in Speeding Up your Website/Blog’s Browser Loading Times and Speeds, for your Viewers, Shoppers and Subscriber’s Benefits?



Are you perhaps interested in Speeding Up your Website/Blog’s Browser Loading Times and Speeds, for your Viewers, Shoppers and Subscriber’s Benefits?

So that they will be able to spend more time enjoying their surfing, through more of your Website/Blog/Your Online shop?

Many viewers and users keep asking me what am I doing differently, with our Web-Blog, as they have loaded the website in various search engines and browsers platforms, on the internet and they can’t believe how fast the website loads up and responds to their “Clicks”.

People are comparing this website/blog to other website/blog’s loading and responsiveness times and speeds, and they keep asking what we have done differently, and which themes, plugins and webhost we are using.

The comments say the website is totally different and unique in style ,when compared to other website/blog platforms, and they ask if it is a “Custom Made” website.

Many viewers and subscribers can’t believe that the website has, so much ” Visual detail, such as videos and pictures, that would normally slow down the website to a “Grinding Halt”, which would result in the “Viewers and Users” becoming and getting frustrated, which would result in them simply leaving your Website/Blog/Online Store/Shop, to carry on surfing the Internet, to find other website/Blogs/Online Store/Shop or other “Links, videos or Pictures of Interest”

This would result in virtually no subscribers signing up to your Website/Blog/Shop/Newsletter or surfing through more of your website’s online store/shop’s categories and other offers.

I’m using : Hostinger. as a web host, but it is not Hostinger, that has made the Web- Blog, so fast or look “Custom Made and Unique”, for it is the way in which the website was put together, with the themes and the chosen plugins.

But I think the reason it loads so fast, is the way I ended up setting the blog themes and the plugins.

For the website has way to many pictures and videos, which under normal website circumstances, it would slow down website/blog/shop to a “Grinding HALT”, which would mean bye-bye to anyone that used a link search to land on your website.

But, this website does not slow down and has 232 848 subscribers, and of late, 20 May 2022, this website sometimes gets a 500 to 1500 new subscribers in a 24 hour period.

The browser loading speeds and the contents, sure must be doing something good and right.

I’m busy writing something up, on the way I put the websites together, and will then add an affiliated links, so hopefully the website can generate a bit of money for the goals, visions and purposes of this website.

I’m sure this “Rich Visual Content and Style” of blogging will help a lot of new bloggers and online stores, as people love “Videos and Pictures, that cause and result in amazing appeal and desire to click on something.

It is a natural habit and trait for Humans, during their “Early Childhood Development Period and Years“, for the human brain naturally leans towards “Learning and Experiencing through Visual Experiences”, which is a trend globally, that helps Humanity to develop their cognitive abilities, skills and capabilities, which is the beauty of the Human Mind, to be able to be more social, so as to be able to excel and thrive at, in, of and for their “Gift of Life”.

Our Web-Blog is focused on many factors and purposes, that can help Humanity, Nature and Planet Earth, which makes the website/blog to be very “Eclectic”, as it covers many things and purposes that are important to us.

But I’m sure if you as a new or older blogger or online store owner, chose to just focus on just a few points of your purposes, goals, visions or business venture, then the added bonus of such “Visual Richness” would really appeal to your subscribers, viewers and shopper’s ‘Natural visual Mindset of Being”.

I’m only on shore for one day, and will be going back to sea for 10 to 11 days, commercial fishing, so I might not be able to get it up by then, as I have so much more still to do for this website’s purposes.

But I will try, to get it up.

Ok managed to write something about the various  plugin versions I used for this website/blog;

The Steps I followed:

1. Purchased a “Domain Name” and web hosting, from Hostinger.

2. Then purchased a SSL, secured and safe website to click on , for life from Hostinger at $5, which is is a requirement for websites now days, which will be displayed with a pad-lock symbol, followed by https:// and your “Domain Name”, on all searcg engines with https://. The unsecured link will be http://, without the “s”.

Anyone who now sees your website link, with https://, will then know that if they click on your domain name link, that the website is safe and secure.

3. Then signed up to and not has way more benefits and is the preferred website platform, with regards to WordPress.

4. I then started constructing this website/blog.

5 The Construction Steps I followed:

5.1 Choose the Theme : Astra Theme : Version 3.2.0 By Brainstorm Force

5.2 Used the install plugins : Add New ; Chose : Lite Speed Cache

5.3 Then choose Elementor Theme : Outdoor Adventure : Version 3.6.3. Loaded this as a plugin and activated it.

Now this is important;

You need to follow these set steps otherwise you wont get the free meta display of the Recent Blog Postings in your side bar.

I made another three websites, and and, where I just used the outdoor adventure theme and another themes, but I never got the meta display blog or the Recent Blog Posting in the side bar.

So this means you have to use the theme version I’m using, otherwise you will need to pay, to have the meta blog and recent blog posts, appearing in your side bar, and of course the reason why the website can load so fast, while displaying such a large volume of ‘Rich Visual Content“.

For the website will first load-up, on the Astra theme version I’m using, then add in the Outdoor Adventure Theme content on top of itself, which makes the website blog, super lite and fast.


What takes place if you choose to follow the above steps, is this.

  1. The Astra Theme; version 3.2,0 By Brainstorm Force, will give you the meta info and the Recent Blog Posts in your side bar.
  2. Now when you load up the plugin for Elementor Outdoor Adventure; version 3.6.3 you will then gain all the features of this theme, but with the difference that the Astra Theme will still display the Meta info and the Recent Blog Posts in the side bar.
  3. It is now two themes running, as i still keep the Astra plugin operating, underneath the Outdoor Adventure Theme (The Website Look).
  4. Now when you get to write a new post or want to add to your menue, you can then click ;Elementor” and get to custom make that page, This gives the website the “Unique Custom Look”.
  5. It is far easier to edit with Elementor, but very import you must edit on the page itself, otherwise , the wording will bunch up if you use the left hand side block, when you write ‘New Posts”.
  6. When you add pages two your menu and then custom make them it is no problem
  7. Elementor gives you an amazing ability to ;Custom Make your blog or online store pages.
  8. Enjoy and have fun making your website “Custom Made and Unique” by your own doings.
  9. I’m using the free version of Elementor, but the Pro Elementor version, will afford and allow you many more features , to really make your website very “Custom Looking and Extremely Unique”.

This website’s affiliated links are here below, if you feel the desire or need to aid and help the purposes, visions and goals of this website, many thanks, nice.

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