* Can you help Floridians, in the USA protect, cure and heal their Comminity Members most at risk from dying of COVID 19. If Floridians get this right in Florida it then paves a way for other USA States and other countries to follow and achieve the same goals. http://chng.it/h5S6chQnPq

Floridians in the USA need all available scientific & medical knowledge and advantages to end COVID 19 Deaths and the devastation upon their lives and economy.

17 July 2020, ( when was Madiba’s Birthday )Cameron Reed, Douglas Campbell
Florida and many parts of the world are seeing astronomical increases of new infections and deaths caused by COVID 19.
Floridians right now, need to choose with earnest to focus on identifying past, present and future COVID 19 related health and safety warnings, concerns and issues, so that solutions focused on solving these devastating issues and problems, can be identified and implemented.
Floridians like the rest of the world’s citizens have being asked to ” Trust the Science” related to COVID 19.
Now would be a good time for Floridians to trust the science, but with the difference of using the science and medical experts knowledge to identify the best medical immunity protection procedures, with a major focus on best practices of curing, healing, repairing and rejuvenate those community members who have suffered damages to vital organs, bloodstream walls and over all health of mind, body and soul.
The only way Floridians can regain their incomes, lifestyles, mental health and wellbeing and economy back is if the are prepared to seek these solutions, as well as having set procedures in place for those who do become infected too be able to receive instantaneous immunity if they show no signs of recovery or are at high risk from dying of COVID 19.
Floridians lifestyles and incomes can not be pursued if these procedures are not in place, for without them their economy and mental health can not be regained.
Floridians are also and having to deal with poisons entering or being sprayed upon their freshwater bodies which have major impacts upon their immune system and health of their wildlife and marine life.
This causes major impacts upon Climate Change and Global Warming.
Floridians who who like solutions and would like to achieve these goals, here are the solutions I see and ways of how to achieve these goals :
* Medical experts and science prove that the strongest, safest and best immunity that protects both cellular and humoral immunity, is when adaptive immunity is acquired by the host ( animal or person) being exposed to active viruses.
Medical experts and science prove that antigens of vaccines give inferior immunity compared to immunity obtained by being exposed to active viruses.
Medical experts peer review and the science prove this scientifically.
– “Progress and Prospects on Vaccine Department against SARS-CoV-2”
Online engine search, of “Medical Experts” peer review.
Medical experts peer review on past and present research:
Read ” 6 Safety Concerns”
– Phase 1 trial of inactivated severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus vaccine”
Engine search – copy and paste.
* Medica experts and science also prove that SARS is 75.5 % identical to COVID 19 ( SARS-CoV-2).
The medical experts and science research in 2020, proved that people who developed adaptive immunity to SARS in 2003 had kept their cellular and humoral immunity for years against SARS when their blood was tested against SARS samples in 2020.
***** NB NB the real bonuses are that blood taken from SARS recoveries of 2003 had immunity against SARS-CoV2 ( COVID 19.
– NB NB NB * * * * *
* Floridians have been asked to trust the “Science”, well there are a lot more online medical experts and science proof, from the experts.
* Floridians the science proves
– Cellular and humoral immunity is the best, this means that donar plasma is far superior that any vaccine.
– SARS recoveries have blood plasma that lasts for years and offers cellular and humoral immunity against COVID 19 ( SARS-CoV2)
– Breakthroughs that can end the Global Pandemic of COVID 19.
Giving back Floridians and the world’s citizens their wellbeing of body, mind and soul.
Lifestyles, incomes and their economies can be regained.
* Medical experts and science also prove that people with immune deficiencies and cancer patients receive blood plasma and blood stem cell plasma that save their lives.
Cancer patients who undergo ” Chemo Therapy’, will have their cancer cells destroyed, but their red blood cells, antibodies, T cells and a host of other antibodies will be destroyed as well.
Cancer patients can then receive blood plasma stem cells to manufacture new red blood cells, T cells and a whole host of antibodies.
* Medica experts and the science also prove that young mice that do exercise will produce enzymes that repair, rejuvenate and cause new brain cell growth.
Blood plasma from these young mice was transfused into older mice which had increased brain activity, healing and growth.
Companies now are synthesising these enzymes into tablets for the elderly.
* Floridians, given all these advantages above is it now not time to “Trust the good science ” and use this science for advantages for your community members and your loved ones.
* Medical experts and science, along with medical peer reviews, raise warning and concerns about S-proteins used as antigens in vaccines.
The medical experts state that S-proteins damage animal and human livers.
The S-proteins also cause mutations of sexual disease and other viruses already present in the host.
The medical experts, science research and experiments have proven way before 2003 that antigens from S-proteins can give immunity against several (7) corona viruses, but they where never brought into the mass market because of the dangers of mutations that S-proteins have in sexual disease and viruses, as well as the lived damage they cause.
Floridians trust the good and honest science that is attempting to protect your mind, body and soul.
Floridians the science shows that even if S-proteins are synthesized in laboratories or taken from inactive or active viruses they still retain “Mutation Capabilities”.
At present medical experts and the science prove S-proteins pose major safety and health risks to humans and animals.
Imagine 10 billion people being vaccinated with S-proteins antigens, how many of the 10 billion would experience mutations of viruses and would this cause major multiple new pandemics to begin on the planet.
Floridians also experience a lot of sewage spills and dumping in their freshwater bodies.
Medical experts and science globally have pin point COVID 19 and S-proteins present in sewage.
The good part is that 80 to 85% of the planets human population are either asymptomatic or will experience mild cases of COVID 19, according to the medical experts and science, these medical facts and data means that most people’s body’s won’t allow for COVID 19 to multiply quickly.
This means that they will be exposed to less S-protein mutating enzymes.
The good part for wildlife and marine is that they don’t eat processed food like humanity and the animal kingdoms immune systems should be far better that humans, which would probably be 95 to 97% capable of developing cellular and humoral immunity against COVID 19.
The animal kingdoms being exposed to S-proteins would mean less viral loads and less mutations of any viruses they already have.
Unfortunately, Spain has destroyed( euthanasia) tens of thousands of ” Mink” on a Mink farm.
It was claimed that 87% of Mink tested positive for COVID 19.
No mention of Minks blood being tested for having recovered.
Medical experts and science have proved that monkeys exposed to COVID 19 could not be re-infected with COVID 19.
Floridians and the world’s citizens should bear in mind that the longer they take to implement solutions that end the COVID 19 Pandemic , the greater the chances grow for humanity to convinced to start euthanasia of domestic pets, horses, farm animal live stock, wildlife and billions of wild birds.
Hopefully “Sanity of good and honest science ” comes the rescue of the “Planet’s Animal Kingdoms”.
This is what I envision global:
* Communities will have to start their own NGO’s for these goals text here, can only be achieved if this is done on a global scale.
The community owns and runs their own NGO.
The NGO’s organise for these protection, healing and curing procedures for the community members who need it, but with a different approach of using the blood and stem cell plasma.
The NGO’s also run their own aqua-ponics and food garden/ farms to aid their community members who need help.
By the NGO helping with fresh produce and proteins it allows for more of their youth to successful academically, which allows for more members to be prosperous.
In doing so more members buy homes and assists which means more money printed and circulating amongst the community
This allows for the America Dream of opportunities to be kept alive
The NGO’s also focus on Eco Water Projects, your the community needs access to healthier freshwater bodies to keep their immune systems healthier.
Floridians can only address poverty and hunger in this manner.
* Right now global citizens mindsets, bodies and souls are stressed, anxious and worried about their futures.
* Towns and city suburbs will have to get their communities involved as well as their local business to contribute tax donations.
For right now billions have been spent on COVID 19 and if these billions had gone towards protecting , curing and healing the 600 000  dead global citizens, then COVID 19 would not have been a pandemic and global economies would not have crumbled and crashed.
* Many of the medical experts and science videos and articles down play ” Donor Plasma” healing, curing and protection and state more trials and science needs to be done to prove it works.
Yet plasma machines have for years being giving people plasma antibodies/ stem cells to heal all sorts of diseases for years
During the MERS outbreak donor plasma was used to heal, cure and protect people.
The honest and good science and medical experts already prove that plasma work.
* Medical experts and science also prove that it takes just “One COVID 19” virus to enter a cell for viral shedding to begin hot long after.
The moment a new virus is constructed it leaves via the receptor to infect new cells.
The same medical science also proves that passive immunity that enter cells also produce copies of these donor plasma.(Mothers Passive Immunity blood and breast milk
Medical experts and science prove that health immune systems always try for adaptive immunity, which means community members who receive blood and stem cell plasma will have protection against COVID 19 and due to the spreading of COVID 19 their bodies will be continuously exposed to active viruses.
This means that their own body will have opportunities to practice to develop their own adaptive immunity.
Even the elderly with functional immune systems and comorbidities are proving they can develop adaptive immunity against COVID 19.
The science proves that even people who were infected with SARS in 2003 still had antibodies, T cells and B memory cells to be immune to COVID 19 or get infected and recovery super quickly.
* Vaccines give two injects of 0.5ml, which makes for an overall 1ml of serum.
Medical experts and science prove that in one micro litre of blood ( 0.001) there are between 2000 to 4000 T cells and loads of antibodies.
This means that if community members received 5ml to 10ml of donor plasma and stem cells their immune systems to be “Kick Started” to produce more copies.
This means people at high risk could receive instantaneous immunity if they become infected.
***** NB NB vaccines can not be given to infected persons of COVID 19 or if the are sick, but donor plasma and stem cells can be given to the infected, I’ll or sickly.
* I invasion a bag of 810ml of blood plasma given 81(a 10ml) or 162 (@ 5ml) instantaneous immunity kick start.
This means bags of plasma will be able to protect, cure and heal a lot more people than what they presently do.
* At present globally one bag of plasma only heals and cures 3 critical ill patients.
This is a problem for even if the patients are healed they have sustained severe damages and scaring.
Why wait for patients vital organs and bloodstream walls to be damaged.
For one hears continuously about ” Prevention is better than cure”.
The NGO’s will have to operated differently and will need to give patients blood stem cells to aid the healing after they have been cured.
Patients might have to receive 3 or 4 blood stem cell transfusions to repair and rejuvenate their vital organs, bloodstream walls and strengthen their immune systems.
For the nay-sayers that 5ml or 10 ml won’t work, it’s no problem for globally larger amounts of plasma and stem cells have been used for years to heal, cure and protect patients, proven medically to work and be safe.
Floridians and the world’s citizens all that you need to do is protect, cure and heal the 3% of global citizen’s most at risk of dying from COVID 19, for the COVID 19 Pandemic to be ended and then you get back your lifestyles, incomes, economies and your mental well being of mind, body and soul.
* Medical experts, science and people who witness COVID 19 report the following:
* People go through an initial 3 to 5 day period of having severe heads, severe upper body aches and pains, upper body swollen glands, stiff neck muscles, feeling nausea in their stomach and wanting to puke or do puke, some have upset stomachs and then they start to feel better and recover from COVID 19.
* Those at risk will not recover after the 3 to 5 day period and these are the people that NGO’s need to protect, cure and heal.
* Floridians by choosing to have COVID 19 procedures of protection, curing and healing, you will then be able to end the threat of COVID 19 on your lifestyles, incomes and economy.
Community members who don’t show signs of recover after the initial onset of COVID 19 or are at high risk of dying will need 5ml to 10 ml of women donors plasma and stem cells, as well as woman having exercised before the give blood, so that all advantages can be obtained for giving community members the best chances of protection, curing and healing.
Floridians if you don’t try and help your community, then riots, crimes and the present loss of incomes will continue.
At present some medical experts and individuals are stating that humanity might need continuous vaccinations against COVID 19 and it will be more like “Flue Shots”, this dose not sound good.
I have made this write up to try and stimulate Floridians to help themselves and Nature,
Made a few text like this to get South Africans interested in helping themselves.
I have made this text specifically for Floridians environmental concerns and issues.
I will do new text write ups for other countries on their environment issues that also impact on the health and ability to recover from COVID 19.
This is how it works, I will put up go-funds with the sole purpose to raise money for Floridians to start their own NGO in their town or city suburb.
The go-fund keeps the honesty and integrity were you can donate by naming your town or city suburb.
All funds go straight to your town or city suburb’s NGO.
For those in other parts of America or the world, you can name your country’s town or city suburb and all funds will go to your community’s NGO.
I also have a website eaglesaquaguardians.org blog with loads of Eco driven initiatives and blogs geared about COVID 19 and aiding Nature to create balance.
I will also put this up on change.org , but please don’t donate money there, I will put up on the website countries towns and city suburbs NGO’s when they form or existing ones I feel that are good and honest and can help humanity end COVID 19 and achieve these goals.
I will also make more Go-funds on various platforms and if you can’t donate to your town or city suburb’s NGO’s then consider sharing the link.
I am not taken one red cent from your towns NGO for I have my own missions, projects and goals on my website.
The only way humanity can end the COVID 19 Pandemic is if global citizens are prepared to do it for their community and themselves.
Many thanks and truly hope that Floridians choose to make these goals their own.