2023 South African Rugby “Fans/Citizens” : New Checkers (Plastic Packet) Springbok Rugby Jersey: National Boycott 


2023 South African Rugby “Fans/Citizens” : New Checkers (Plastic Packet) Springbok Rugby Jersey: National Boycott

Should Simply : Boycott the “Springbok Rugby Team” : And force the organisers, managers and funders to “Bring Back the Green and Gold Jerseys”.

To really put the “Pressure On”: All South African Fans/Citizens: Should Boycott all “Provincial Rugby Games”.

To “Really Put”, the “Pressure On”:

South African Fans/Citizens : Should Boycott : All Checkers Stores, throughout South Africa.

Or you can also consider :

 Throwing Away all your “Fan Bought Springbok Green and Gold Jerseys” :

 And then go get your selves a few “Checkers Plastic Packets:

And turn them into your “New Springbok Jersey/s”.

The “Power of Fans/Citizens”: Is your “Greatest Power”.

Empty Rugby : Stadiums, through South Africa: Will bs a huge loss_ for the organizers, promoters and funders of Rugby.

Empty till / checkout ques: Nationally, will be a hugs “Loss”: For Checkers.

Did “Checkers”: Buy the whole “Spring Bok Team, Managers and Organisers”? ? ?

Is the “New Hangout and Get together of Spring Bok Fans” : Now going to be at Checkers Parking Lots and the Tills of Checkers Stores” ? ? ? ?

Remember : In South Africa : You are allowed to “Protest or Boycott choiises”/

As the saying now goes, “You have been given the “Ball”: Now how do you “Intend to Use it for the “Benefit of the Spring Bok Fans and the Green and Gold Spring Bok Jersey,”.

South African Spring Bok Fans and Citizens: Need to use their “Buying and Supporting Power”.

Remember: Fans & Citizens: You are not “power- less”.

Rise-up : Now take a “Stand”: For the Spring Bok Green & Gold”.

Or you can allow yourselves to be “Conquered & Divided”.

Rather “Unite as Rise”: Stand-up for yourselves and “Mental Wellbeing of all Spring Bok Fans”

If the Fans, of the Spring Boks, want to see them “Put on the Green & Gold Rugby Jersey’s : During this 2023 World Rugby Cup”: Simply apply more Fan & Citizens Power: And Boycott “All Games at Sports Bars & Restaurants “.

If this is done by Fans & Citizens: Then by the 3rd Game of the Spring Boks: They will then all be playing this “3rd Game in the “Green & Gold Spring Bok Rugby Jersey”.

Fans & Citizens: Use Your Buying & Supporting Power: Choose to Stand-up Now.

Or allow them to “Win”: By Conquering & Dividing South African Citizens.

How you, as an individual ,can “Reach 64 Million People”: Personally, with just 5 cycles of sharing on “Whatsapp”:

By sending this to just 20 of your friends or family members: 5 Cycles

1. 20 x 20 = 400

2. 400 x 20 = 8000

3. 8000 x 20 = 160 000

4. 160 000 x 20 = 3.2 Million People

5. 3.2 M x 20 = 64 000 000 People.

Start your own personal “Chain Reaction”: Making Your ‘Voices to Go Global”: Reaching all of this Beautiful Blue Planet , called Earth, “Citizens”.

Use your 1 + 1 = 2 logical thoughts, feelings and emotions: Reclaim your mental wellness: Regaining Your Hope, Wishes, Dreams & Goals:

Making Living Life Easier, Better and Safer: By Uniting & Rising & Standing Up for yourselves and other people.

Fans/Citizens: Don’t forget about “Load shedding/Blackouts, High Interest Rates, Weaken South Africa Currency, Increased Daily Costs of Living, Increased Fuel, Increased Food Prices and South Africa’s Political Mis-management & Corruption.

Use the : New Springbok Jersey: Boycott as a “Stepping Stone”: To South Africa as a Country and help the Citizens and their Families: To Making Living Life Easier, Better and Safer.

Stand-up for South Africa and the Country’s Citizens.

Don’t allow them too : Conquer & Divide Community Neighborhoods, throughout South Africa:

It is Now Time to “Shine Bright: Stand-Up & Rise.

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