The “Global COVID 19 Pandemic” can be ended by choosing to have “Cure Procedures in Place”, that cure and heal the 3% of Citizens most at risk of dying, before these people sustain severe bodily damages to their vital organs and bloodstream’s walls.

At present globally, many countries are using one plasma donor to cure three critical ill patients at a time.

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Unfortunately this cure procedure route, in it’s present state of practice, will not end the “Global COVID 19 Pandemic”, as even after these critical or severe patients have been cured by the donors antibodies alone, their bodies would have sustained and suffered severe damages to vital organs and bloodstream’s walls.
  1. Why is there a Global Trend to down play Blood Plasma as a ” Cure Procedure of COVID 19″.
    What happen about Global Citizens been told to “Trust the Science”.
    For ” Humanity has Evolved on Mother’s Passive Immunity”.
    Why deny Humanity Passive Immunity.
    Humans Immune System’s have been fine-tuned and adapted for their ” Mothers Blood & Milk Antibodies”.
    The whole “Planets Mammals have Evolved on their Mothers Passive Immunity”.
    Why would it now be that in 2020.. Humanity’s Mothers Passive Immunity is ” Not Believed Good Enough for Humankind or any other of the Planet’s Mammals”.









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