#Global COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures

The Global 3% of Citizens most at risk of Dying of COVID 19 can be cured, healed & saved
The results of having “Cure Procedures” in place globally, that cure, heal and save the 3% in need, are :
* Choosing to save the 3% allows for the Global COVID 19 Pandemic to be ended.
* Global Citizens get their lifestyles, incomes, education, environments, and economies back.
* Global Tourism gets to be restarted and millions of people get their tourism-related incomes back.
* Globally, countries get back GDP’s related to “Tourism”, and opportunities for Citizens to find new jobs and start new businesses, as money begins to circulate amongst the communities again.
***** NB Link :
Showing Blood Plasma given early on aids in curing MERS, SARS 1, and SARS CoV2 where the patients develop their own “Adaptive Immunity” against COVID 19.
Having their own antibodies as protection and immunity against dying from COVID 19.
At present, the only curing procedure that works in 3 Days is “Blood Donor Plasma Antibodies Route” to cure the critically ill.
Unfortunately, they wait until patients are critical or severely in need of sedation and ventilation.
Global nurses state, that once patients are sedated and ventilated many will die.
The question is why wait for patients to be near death, and then choose to give them blood plasma, for by this stage their body’s vital organs, blood, and capillary vessel walls have been severely damaged and blood clots have compromised their blood stream’s ability to carry sufficient oxygen, as well as increasing the chances of strokes and heart attacks, due to blood clots throughout their entire body.
Global Citizens have been lead to believe that only large amounts of blood plasma can cure people, but if you wait until a patient’s immune system is totally compromised, then for sure it will only be the “Blood Donors Plasma of Antibodies” that do all the “Curing Work”.
Global Citizens have also been lead to believe that only plasma from patients that have experienced a severe case of COVID 19 will contain high enough volumes of antibodies to cure people.
Asymptomatic persons having a”COVID 19 Antibody Test” reveals that their immunity does not even spike as COVID 19 is not a threat to their life.
Why? Because they would have antibodies that are capable of multiplying and eradicating the viruses with ease from their body within 14 days, many medically confirmed to be negative after 14 days.
***** Now 5 to 10 ml of “Recovered Asymptomatic Persons Plasma or Blood”, would be a very potent ” Passive Immunity” to be given.
***** Vaccines are only a 1 ml serum.
All it would take is for the “Donors Plasma or Blood’s Antibodies” to find one small virus for the multiplying processes of copied antibodies to flood the person’s entire body and the COVID 19 viruses would be eradicated from the entire body.
Citizens would not even have to experience any inflammation side effects caused by an overstimulation of the body’s antibodies or the damage that inflammation can cause to blood and capillary vessel walls and vital organs.
The truth is that for years people who have compromised immune systems receive blood donors antibodies, to fight bacteria, pathogens, and other viruses that enter their body, as their own body can’t produce antibodies.
Links :
Medical science already proves that mothers pass antibodies via blood and breast milk to their babies that last for 4 to 6 months, and medical science calls it “Passive Immunity”.
Therefore if the 3% of Global Citizens who showed no recovery after the 2 to 5 day period of the initial onset of COVID 19 symptoms, received 5 to 10 ml of blood donor plasma or blood they would then have “Passive Immunity” against COVID 19.
The results would be that Global Citizens could have a backup “Plan B Strategy” against dying of COVID19.
The results would also be good for the 3% of Global Citizens to develop their own B memory cells and T cells to have adaptive immunity, for the 3% of Citizens will keep on being exposed to COVID 19 viruses in their daily lives and activities amongst society.
The results globally would be that global citizens could venture out into their community and their country’s vibrant economy, without fear of dying from COVID 19.
The 3% of Global Citizen’s immune systems will have plenty of opportunities and practice to develop their own “Adaptive Immunity” against the various strains or mutations of COVID 19, and there will be no better place than moving freely in society.
This “Global COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedure”, will allow for “Herd Immunity”, but with the advantage of not having to allow people to die from COVID 19 to obtain the “Herd Immunity”.
Globally, citizens are asked to “Trust the Science” and medical science states that vaccines do not offer immunity but only provide parts of dead (In-active)viruses and antibodies or antigens that can kill that particular virus by causing the vaccinated person’s own immune systems to be stimulated to produce antibody copies that eradicate the viruses from their body.
The vaccines provide a “Blue Print” for your immune system to copy and then destroy that particular virus when it enters your body for the first time as an ” Active Virus” and you will then develop “Adaptive Immunity”, once your body has learned how to destroy that virus.
Your body now has it’s own B memory cells and T cells, floating in your bloodstream against the virus it has just eradicate from your body.
For example, children are vaccinated against “Chickenpox, Measles, Polio “, and will show symptoms, of the disease, as their bodies develop their own “Adaptive Immunity”.
***** NB: In 2010 medical science proved that people who developed ” Adaptive Immunity” against SARS 1, had active antibodies for 3 years in their bloodstream.
***** NB: At present fear-mongering scientific data is stating those that recover from COVID 19 will only have 2 to 3 months of immunity.
Strange how they miss that lower numbers of “B memory cells” are still present and as soon as new viruses enter the body again, they would start attacking and multiplying to eradicate the viruses once again from their body, as they have ” Immunity” against COVID 19.
Medical science already proves that antibody numbers will lower as not too over flood the bloodstream with antibodies.
The human body has evolved to keep a few “Adaptive Immunity Blueprints” stored in B memory cells, that are patrolling the bloodstream and on the lookout for particular viruses and as soon as they find any of these viruses they will start their attack and multiplying processes and quickly eradicate these viruses, without any stress to the body or need of over stimulating antibody production or the need to produce overstimulation of inflammation.
Again some medical science wanting to ” Have their Cake and Eat it”.
But excellent fear-mongering tactics of half-truths and leaving out the rest of the medical science stated here and from the internet of good science that demonstrates over and over again that they care about saving humanity’s lives.
Links :
Globally, many people believe that if they are critically or severely ill with COVID 19 and they receive one of the many “New COVID19 Vaccines”, that they will then be instantly cured, unfortunately by this time your immune system is so compromised and on the verge of going “Haywire” that the chances of your body being able to develop “Adaptive Immunity” would be very slim, for you need a healthy and functional immune system to develop “Adaptive Immunity”.
The only cure that could save the critical 70% not being able to be saved right now, would be “Blood Donors Plasma or Blood “, containing antibodies that will do all the “Curing Work”.
At present many overweight and diabetic persons already have way too many inflammation antibodies and inflammation enzymes in their bloodstream and as soon as COVID 19 viruses enter your bloodstream they will begin to attack the cell walls of blood and capillary vessels.
The results will be that these person’s bloodstreams will become inflamed throughout their entire body and compromise vital organs.
This results in astronomical amounts of blood clots to be present throughout the entire body which results in strokes and heart attacks and many will die.
If these persons wanted to increase their chances to survive COVID 19 quickly, then only blood or plasma antibodies would see recovery in 3 days, for the donor’s antibodies, would destroy and eradicate the COVID 19 viruses from their body.
By eradicating the COVID 19 viruses it stops new blood clots from needing to be formed and stops the need for their entire blood system to be inflamed, for the viruses are no longer present and not capable of destroying the bloodstreams cell walls.
Unfortunately, the other alternative for these people is sedation, ventilation, drugs, and the continued destruction of their body for many of them and eventually death for many.
Links: Inflammation aids healing of tissue cells:
At present globally, steroids like “Dexamethasone” are being used for critical patients who have been sedated and ventilated, resulting in 20% to 30% fewer deaths occurring amongst these critically ill patients.
The results show that these steroids reduce the inflammation present in these critical ill patient’s bodies, to the point where their own immune system is given a chance to develop “Adaptive Immunity” against the COVID 19 viruses, and 20% to 30% of these sedated and ventilated patients are now able to develop “Adaptive Immunity” and eradicate COVID 19 viruses from their bodies.
The other 70% to 80% of these critically ill patients don’t have to die if they could be given the choice of a chance to “COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures”.
I have been trying since the 12th of March 2020 to get global citizens to help the 3% of people at risk of dying of COVID 19, for by doing so the “Pandemic” will be ended, due to people being saved from not dying of COVID 19.
Tried many petitions and go-funds on our Eco Pro-Environment Blog – eaglesaquaguardians.org.
Even started a “Shopify account – www.aquarainbows.com shop to raise funds for the 3% of Global Citizens, which would give 100% of the profits to the town or city suburb, from where the bracelet’s purchase was made, this has not worked yet.
Being trying to get global citizens to start their own community NGO in their own town or city suburb.
They manage and own it and run it, where funds raised facilitates members of their community to receive blood or blood plasma of 5 to 10 ml of antibodies to cure, heal and save their 3% of community members most at risk of dying from the virus.
If this is implemented on a global scale, this will then end the “COVID 19 Pandemic”.
Once the Pandemic is ended or if there are enough funds, the NGO can start food gardens and Eco Nature projects in their town or city suburb.
By feeding the poor you afford them the opportunity to be able to be healthier in body, mind, and soul, which allows them to gain education and opportunities to better their lifestyles.
The more people, from the community, who become successful and prosperous, the more money will be printed against the assists of these now successful community members.
This will then create more jobs and opportunities for school leavers to also become successful and prosperous, and once again more money will be printed and loaned against their new assists.
The COVID 19 Pandemic, has also shown that communities globally, need “Healthier Immune Systems”, to be able to survive “Pandemics”.
By having Eco Projects that aid and help Nature it will provide safer and cleaner water environments that aid healthier and stronger immune systems, amongst their community members.
Now I am going to try and get South Africa and any other country interested in at least having a “COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures” in their country and asking for any community members in these countries, who would like to start their own NGO to contact me via the platforms I will place at the end of this text.
How will the “Global COVID 19 Curing Procedures” be implemented to work?:
* At present any person who has a compromised immune system can receive blood or blood plasma from a family member, friend, or the public, at the numerous “Blood Bank Institutions”, globally.
* All that is required is a visit to a general practitioner(GP), who gives you a letter of recommendation for a blood transfusion.
* A visits to a pathology institution to test that the blood groups are compatible between the donor and the person with a compromised immune system or as the 3% of Global Citizens who are at high risk of dying from COVID 19.
* Documentation from pathology institution and GP’s recommendation is taken to a ” Blood Bank Institution”, where documentation is completed and within two days ( 48hrs) the donor’s blood is tested for diseases and if passed, is given to the person with the compromised immune system or in our case the 3% of persons at high risk of dying of COVID 19.
* The difference now is that one donor can donate 475 ml every two months and plasma donors twice every two weeks:
– 400ml( Blood) ÷ 5ml = 80 People with passive immunity.
– 400ml( Blood) ÷ 10ml = 40 People with
passive immunity.
– 1ml = 1000 microlitres
In 0.01 microliter of blood in healthy people, there are between 2000 to 4000 T cells and a whole lot more of other antibodies.
Links :
-NB Why wait for Near-Death of Critical ill patients or for severe bodily damages to occur or for their immune system to be totally compromised or collapsed and go “Haywire” and cause death.
Cicin-Sain and his team analyzed 6,000 different human antibodies and found more than 750 that dock with the coronavirus and prevent it from spreading further in already infected patients. The antibodies are currently undergoing additional testing on cell cultures to whittle their number down to find the most effective at blocking the infection, RT reported.
* Plasma donors can donate 690ml to 880ml of plasma.
* Given that COVID 19 enters the bloodstream to destroy blood vessel and capillary vessel walls it would not take long for the ” Donors Plasma or Blood’s Antibodies” to quickly find an “Active COVID 19 Virus” and begin the multiply processes of antibody copies to flood the entire bloodstream of the person infected with COVID 19, thereby eradicating all viruses from their body.
***** NB NB NB :
At present vaccines for measles, chickenpox, polio contains 0.5ml per injection, given twice.
Therefore it is 1 ml of vaccine serum containing the antigens with or without antibodies or with live/dead viruses.
Now for the science to claim that 5ml or 10ml of “Donor Plasma or Blood” would not work in giving the 3% of Citizens “Passive Immunity”, would then be the same as saying 1ml of vaccines will not give babies or children 12 years and older the ability to develop ” Adaptive Immunity” once they encounter an “Active Virus” and eradicate it from their body, due to been vaccinated.
Trust the medical science, global citizens have been asked to do so.
Now would be a good time to do so to save their loved ones, friends, and strangers.
Links: Vaccine Doses :
* That would mean:
– 690 ml ( Plasma) ÷ 5 ml = 138 People who could develop “Adaptive Immunity”
– 690 ml ( Plasma) ÷ 10 ml = 69 People who could develop “Adaptive Immunity”.
– 880 ml (Plasma) ÷ 5 ml = 176 People who could develop ” Adaptive Immunity”.
-880 ml ( Plasma) ÷ 10 = 88 People who could develop “Adaptive Immunity”.
* Now if a Unit of blood costs R3700 :
– R3700 ÷ 40 = R 92.5
– R 3700 ÷ 80 = R46.25
***** NB: The town or city suburb now owns 400ml of blood or 690 to 880 ml of blood plasma and can divide them up into 5 ml or 10 ml ” Passive Immunity Injections” for the 3% in need.
* There doctor R450 + Pathology R 600 + other unforeseen costs R500
+- R 1500 to save a persona life.
* Now if you do a bulk pathology institution tests I am sure the costs can be reduced.
* Same as bulk GP’s recommendation
* Now if you used the Portuguese Doctor or other “Do-Gooder” doctors willing to reduce their costs out of wanting to help end the ” Global COVID 19 Pandemic”, and if you seek you will find these doctors.
* Then to help save the 3% of global citizens, one could look at under an R1000.
* Now if you use government institutions, paid for by the taxes of the countries citizens then the costs will come down drastically to save the lives of the country’s citizens.
* At present global countries have lost astronomical amounts of GDP and to save their citizens lives in comparison to the trillions lost is no comparison at all for the taxpayer, businesses, or the government.
* Local businesses could make tax donations to your town or city suburb’s “COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures”, for right now many businesses will close down if they don’t help save the 3% of their community and end the “Global COVID 19 Pandemic”, which has and are causing many countries astronomical losses to their GDP and tax coffers.
* Tourists normally have medical aid insurance and I am sure they would gladly pay for antibodies available in towns and city suburbs they are visiting.
* Town and city suburbs members with medical aid would gladly pay as well.
***** NB : Worldly Governments have received ” Millions of Funds and Donations” to fight COVID 19″, your town or city suburb’s NGO can tap into these “COVID 19 Funds and Donations” to help save the 3% of your community members most at risk of dying from COVID 19.
***** NB Link showing Blood Plasma given early on aids in curing MERS, SARS 1 and SARS CoV2 where the patients develop their own “Adaptive Immunity” against COVID 19.
Link :
Today being 21 June 2020 and ” Fathers Day” would be a nice day to start working on “COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures” that would save “Fathers” from also not dying of COVID 19.
For South Africans any other Global Citizens I am making go funds again, monies received go into your own town or city suburb’s ” COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures”.
100 % of monies received go into your town or city suburb’s “Plan B curing Procedures”, for the “Go Fund Platforms” are ethical.
Just make a donation name your country, province or state, town or city suburb.
For right now you have the power to save members in your community from dying of COVID 19, if they so wish to receive “Blood Donor Plasma or Blood’s Antibodies”, or if they would rather take their chances with sedation and ventilation and ignore the medical science that persons with immune deficiencies get to live by receiving “Blood Donor Plasma or Blood”.
For those who would like to try and save their family, friends, and community member’s lives I have made pictures with phrases trying to promote this concept to help save the people you care about.
You can use your social media and run your own month competition and add a monetary value to the picture and phrase, that you would like to see happen.
People can share your chosen picture-phrase and you choose a “Winner” from those who have shared your wish, at the end of a month.
I am sponsoring two picture – phrases at R 1000 each, which I will choose by the end of July.
I am not stopping and will be speaking to friends who sell cars and homes and have other businesses to get a percentage of the sales to go towards South Africa’s “COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures”, for the “Global COVID 19 Pandemic” can be ended if we choose to save the 3% of Global Citizens most at risk of dying from “COVID 19 Viruses”, in doing so you get your economy, incomes, and lifestyles back.
My contact details:
If you are one of the 3% of Global Citizens at high risk to COVID 19 and need “Blood Donor Plasma or Blood Antibodies”.
Or are interested in forming your own Community NGO to start your own community ” COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures”
Douglas Campbell
– Coronavirus Recovery & Medication
– Global COVID 19 Plan B Curing Procedures
And other groups on my Facebook page.
 Other contact persons
– Yvonne brogan:
– Siobhan Brogan Campbell
  1. sbrogancampbell@gmail.com

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