Anti-viral drugs save AID patients and will save the vulnerable from COVID 19

Healthy people have a CD count of T cells of 2000 to 4000(white blood cells that kill viruses, bacteria and germs)…..but don’t tell that too the experts…for they will say antibodies are the most important in fighting viruses…..
Yet all good and honest science will reveal that the human body’s first defence is T cells and anti-inflamatory enzymes.

There after the body will produce a host of Antibodies to try and match the viruses receptors to block them from making contact with ACE2 receptors.

Yet these antibodies don’t destroy the viruses but only block them from entering a cell.
Yet a major global ” Boo-ha ” is made about antibody spiking to receptors, about being the most important indeterming “Humanity’s Immunity”

Super strange how many main and social media are writing articles about “Waining Immunity” based on Antibodies that only prevent ACE2 contact.

The T Cells are responsible for detecting the N-protein and RNA protein of the viruses in your cells and will destroy your infected cells.

T cells are responsible for eliminating the viruses( Like COVID 19 ) from your body.

So why are there such a huge push for S-protein vaccines that will only block the viruses from entering your body ,but will not eradicate COVID 19 viruses from your body.

It seems like 2020 science is not taking all knowledge of how the human body actually eradicated viruses from the body.

But don’t tell others , for that would mean COVID 19 Pandemic could be really when will the 2020 science actually start working to save people from not dying of COVID 19.
How many if the so called experts are actually BS global citizens daily.Crazy when honest medical research and knowledge is purposefully kept away from global Citizens.

I thought the idea was for medical knowledge to help those most at risk of dying from COVID 19.
For the science already exists to cure the vulnerable COVID 19.
How medical experts are brainwashing global Citizen?

Global Citizens wanting to save the vulnerable from not dying of COVID 19, then help them gain access to AIDS anti-viral drugs.

Globally it is being said that not many AIDS patients are dying from COVID 19.

If the world is serious about helping their loved ones, then choose to understand how the human body can be aided to boost the CD count of T cells ,the only antibodies capable of eradicating COVID 19 from the body.



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