Chasing COVID 19 Herd Immunity in 2020

The reality is that if people don’t have a healthy immune system, then they will struggle to beat common colds, flu or COVID 19.
Everyone is being told to wait for COVID 19 vaccine, yet everyone knows that they can get flu shots or nasal spray flu vaccines every winter.

The reality of a vaccine is to present the human body with antigens in a vaccine( Flu shots or COVID 19) so that the immune system can take these antigens into their antibodies as markers.

Yet many don’t want to trust the very science that states white blood cells, like “Macrophages” will engulf viruses and destroy them and release the protein antigens, where T cells and B cells will gain access to these antigens and use these protein antigens as markers to detect the same  enzymes on(surface structure) and in(RNA) the viruses .

The very COVID 19 tests used globally, to detect RNA and antigens of crown like viruses( common colds, flu and COVID 19).

Yet even though a healthy immune system can start to destroy cold, flu and COVID 19 in 3 to 4 days, people are still believing that vaccines are the only way Humanity can begin to eradicate Crown viruses from their body.

Strange because “Macrophages” already present all the proteins antigens to their antibodies……Like vaccines are reinventing the “Wheel” of how Humanity Immune systems activates or functions..

Strange way to trust the science of crown like viruses…

Even stranger that many medical experts are not giving information to easily boost Humanity’s immune systems, yet flu shots are encouraged to present already have an immune system that presents all crown like virus antigens to your antibodies.

Chasing herd immunity, when in truth Humanity’s Immune Systems already achieves this each time they are exposed to crown like viruses.

Globally 99.8 % of people start to recover from COVID 19, after 3 to 5 days. Herd Immunity 99.8%.

COVID 19 ICU patients, sweating and pale complexion, internal bleeding and short of breath, symptoms of anemia.

COVID 19 and flu deaths would decrease, if patients could recieve the procedures for people who become extremely anemic while in hospital….” Life Saving”, which would allow for the ” COVID-19 Pandemic” to be ended, due to so few people dying.

No need of lockdowns any more, which would mean suicides would decrease, as employment would increase.

Mental wellness would increase as people regain their “Hopes and Dreams” they have invisioned for their lives.

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