PCR Tests for COVID 19



PCR tests, are for antigen and RNA detection, which unfortunately can give false positive of COVID 19, due to  “Antigenic Drifts” can cause mutations of colds, flu and COVID 19, which would allow for  “Cold or Flu” viruses to have mutated surfaces that contain COVID 19 surface proteins/antigens and when the PCR tests construct the polymer chains of these new cross mutated surface proteins/antigens, the tests will then claim common colds or flu viruses to be that of  COVID 19 viruses, when it fact it is just cold and flu viruses with COVID 19 S-proteins/antigens on their surface structures.

Yet globally these tests are being used to claim huge increases of COVID 19, which setup governments to believe lockdowns are necessary due to the detection of COVID 19 main surface antigens/proteins…which cause global citizens to believe a global increase of COVID 19, which would result in suicides and unemployment creasing.
The false positives would result in global economies and GDP declines, which would increase hunger, mental anxieties and stresses.
Globally, many countries infrastructure would be negatively effected, which would result in less opportunities for Citizens to make money, as well as less money being available to protect “Nature’s Biodiversities”

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