Why Blue Green Algae Blooms Form

RAW Silica is flowable and suspend-able in water and naturally available to the plant. Since RAW Silica is a natural form of silicon dioxide, it is PH neutral and does not cloud when added to water. RAW Silica can be used during all stages of growth and bloom for optimal stem and cell wall strength.
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The Benefits of Silica | Easy Grow Ltd
Excessive Silica and nutrients are the so called puzzle of Blue Green Algae Blooms.
Blue Green Algae Blooms, are the results of excessive silica and nutrients…..
Stop the Posionous Spraying of Florida’s water bodies and you will reduce the excessive “Silica and Nutrients”.
White foam is a tell- tale sign of excessive silica and nutrient minerals…
Without excessive Silica, the foam would quickly pop it’s bubbles…not lingers on for hours as huge foam patches.
The world could reduce excessive Blue Green Algae Blooms, and limit the destruction that it’s toxins cause to life forms.

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