South Africa Plettenberg Bay Great White Shark Action Plan Solutions 11 October 2022

South Africa Plettenberg Bay Great White Shark Action Plan Solutions 
11 October 2022

The Qua (Character) of Nature: Determines the behavior and mental mindset of Great White Sharks .

The Qua of Nature, has caused the behavior of baby Great White Sharks, of Plettenberg Bay.

Ocean swells, on running along Robberg Nature Reserve rocky edges, cause bubbles and foam to form streaks parallel to these rocky shorelines.

The Qua of Nature has caused the Mental Qua of Great White sharks, to hunt oxygen and seals along the rocky edges .

The Qua of Nature has caused Great White Sharks bloodstream to be well oxygenated.

The Qua of Nature has caused the behavior and mental mindset, of Baby Great White sharks to patrol 1.5 to 2 meters off the rocky edges to get the surface oxygen, thanks to the swell movement.

The Qua of Nature has caused the sharks mindset to purposefully hunt seals in the corner surf.

The Qua of Nature, has caused the behavior and mindset of baby Great White Sharks to circle and show high active interest in boogie boarders and surfers in the Surf Zone.

The Qua of Nature is not being seen or understood by the Great White Shark Experts, Municipality or the NSRI.

The Qua of Nature has also caused the mindset of the baby Great White Sharks to smash and bite the seal pups, as hard as possible, to cause as much bleeding as possible, so that the seal pups can bleed out, before the sharks return to eat them .

The downside is that if a boogie boarder or suffer or bather is attacked, by a baby Great White Shark, the same maximum puncture wound damage, will be mindfully and purposefully caused by these Sharks.

The down side is that the experts are not seeing this, and neither is the general public.

The Plettenberg Surf Zones, do not create surf break that stirs up lots of sand in the vertical water column and their is no surf zone seaweed suspended in the vertical water column, and both act as naturally barriers against Great White Sharks.

The shark experts claim Mossel Bay Beaches have no Great White shark problems for bathers.

The downside is that the surf zones, rip and side channels, and sand banks are totally different.

Mossel Bay surf zones have lots of sand wash and seaweed in the vertical water column, which act as natural barriers.

There are easy cheap solutions to make Plettenberg Bay surf zones safe for boogie boarders, surfers, bathers and the Baby Great White Sharks.

The only draw back is, would the municipal, NSRI and the sharks experts actually listen to these solutions.

Then again if they choose not to, there is always the public and the community who can implement these easy safe and clean solutions.

Summer holidays are coming and there is so much more that the shark experts, municipality and NSRI, are not even seeing or preparing for.

At present the baby Great White Sharks are loaded with the Qua of Nature

When will the next Great White Shark attack occur?

For at present the solutions are not adequate.

The Qua of Nature is always present.

Seeking the Power of the Truth, in order too gain the  Knowledge

Have any of you perhaps seen the latest aerial video footage, October 2022, of three baby Great White sharks right on the edges of the Beacon Isle Hotel rocks?
Central beach is right there and if the sharks follow the rocky contour line of the rocks, they end up at Central Beach.
The Beacon Isle Hotel, roof top, offers the perfect height and view to spot Great White sharks.
I’m surprised the Hotel is not using this roof, to keep their guest safe whilst they are at central beach.
Two lookouts, with fixed telescopes would be perfect.
If they spot a great white shark moving towards Central beach, they can set off a siren,, on the Hotel roof top, so that their guests, along with other water users can get out of the surf zones.
Drones could also be used from this height advantage and flying time altitude gain.
Does the NSRI or Bitou Beach Control have any personal on this roof top?
I keep on hearing that knowledge is Power.
Can the powers that be perhaps help the knowledge of safety, to be able to. reach the bathers of Central beach.

That would be good, and it would also of saved the kindhearted lady who was killed by a great white shark, at Central beach.

The NSRI is volunteer personal, I’m sure many would like to be  spotters on the roof top, to make a true difference to the safety of water users.

it would also save the municipality a lot of money, in mitigating the safety of bathers, who swim the beaches, that have baby Great White sharks, honing their hunting skills along the rocky edges and shallow beach surf zone areas.

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