CO2 and Fossil Fuels Deceitfulness and Manipulation 2023


CO2 and Fossil Fuels Deceitfulness and Manipulation 2023


CO2 is not a problem




Because when it rains: the CO2 in the atmosphere is disolved by water : to form a water acid , to fall to Earth, that release the soil minerals on the surface and depth of soil.

Vital minerals needed by Nature’s Natural Environments, and farm land crops.


Now logic of 1 + 1 basic thoughts, feelings and emotions


Already tells you that due to the increased “Rain and Storm Cloud Development”, due to the Sun entering it’s 2026 maximum solar activity: Causing the Present Global Warming:


That means more Rain Globally: Which means a balance of CO2 or even a decrease of CO2 is coming to and upon this Beautiful Blue Planet called Earth.




Because the Planet is seeing major defrostation, and major plastic pollution and it’s chemical compounds entering fresh water bodies and the world’s oceans and seas: Which will mean far less CO2 and Oxygen being produced by Phytoplankton within Fresh Water bodies, Oceans and Seas:




Because plastic chemical compounds harm many types of Phytoplankton and increase bacteria growth: Known to love sulphur and sulphur is a major compound in plastic.

Increased surface bacteria growth , will harm and kill many Ocean Life Forms:


Now : Not too mention the global toxic chem- trails being released into this Beautiful Blue Planet called Earth, Atmosphere: Which harm , kill and destroy plant life and Phytoplankton:


CO2 is the global agenda: Distraction, deceitfulness and manipulation upon all Global Community Neighbourhood’s members and their children, families, relatives, friends and next door neighbours:


Global Community Neighbourhoods: need to Wake Up and take actions in, of and for Protecting Human Beings, Wildlife Marine Life and the various forms of Biodiversity upon this Beautiful Blue Planet




Because each individual upon this Beautiful Blue Planet called Earth:


Needs to create conditions and environments: that will afford and allow themselves to be able to create and make far more possibilities to opportunities to make far more of their present and future Dreams Hopes Wishes and Goals become their Reality Truth and Purposes of Being in of and for their Gift of Life.


In doing so: They create and make conditions and environments,That will afford and allow for more Gifts of Life Upon this Beautiful Blue Planet called Earth: To be able to fulfill their Purposes of Being in, of and for their Gift and Gifts of Life.


The results will be:

That more Circles of Life: Get afforded and allowed to Complete their Circles of Life, for the many many Purposes: –



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