Cape Town South Africa Residential Home Fresh Water 2023 Unsafe due to many factors:


Cape Town Residential Fresh Water 2023 Unsafe due to many factors:

What about the High levels of Arsenic in underground water:
The Steenbras Reservoir has a 700m underground water feed flowing into the Steenbras Reservoir:
That gives water to the whole of the Cape Flats ;

Including Gordon’s Bay, Strand, Somerset West, and all the home residential and business areas to Retreat and Muizenberg:

What are the Arsenic levels and concentration within the underground water
flowing into the Steenbras Reservoir Dam, from the 700 meter borehole at the foot of this mountain range?

In the 1960s the science already proved that South Africa has over 200 forms of Arsenic: Due to high mineral and rock formations within South Africa

Now given that load Shedding results in Fresh Water coming to residential homes, NOT(not) being treated effectively: then how much of these 200 forms of Arsenic are being consumed by Citizens of Cape Town , on the huge Cape Flats Area.

Are there any Health Risk and Safety Assessments available, or having been done by the Democratic Alliance, who are governing the Western Cape?

Does the “City of Cape Town Works for You”, still hold any good or safe Water?

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