#Cure Procedures needed for Global COVID 19 Increasing Deaths – cure procedures exist already


Cure Procedures needed for Global COVID 19 Increasing Deaths – cure procedures exist already

Women’s blood plasma, blood stem cells,  proteins and catalyst enzymes hold the keys to strengthen and fortify people’s “Immune Systems” that have been compromised or due to aging are being hindered to function sufficiently to develop antibodies capable of eradicating COVID 19 viruses from the human body.


Unfortunately there is a media trend where many medical professional’s videos and medical articles down play the blood plasma passive immunity cure
from recovered donors, as a real cure and prevention of severe bodily damages for people who may be or are infected, with COVID 19 viruses.

Globally people are being asked by their governments and many others to ” Trust the Science”, unfortunately the very medical science of past cures, breakthroughs, treatments and years of research, as well as existing medical cure procedures seem to be being ignored and suppressed.

Cancer and immune-compromised individuals have for years been treated with ” Blood STEM cells and Blood Plasma”.

People can even become stem cell donors for cancer patients.

Today and years past, cancer patients who receive “Chemo Radiation”, can also receive ” Blood Donor Stem cells”, due to the radiation that destroys their “Red Blood Cells, Other Blood Cells and Antibodies”, that once these people receive the STEM cells their bodies can then manufacturer “New Red Blood cells” as well as having the benefits of the anti-inflammatory proteins that STEM cells provide, as well as super boosting the functions and abilities of their immune systems.

***** Unfortunately there seem to be so many of these medical advantages been overlooked or played down, whilst trying to come up with best COVID 19 treatments, cure procedures, and preventative procedures that will stop severe bodily damages that will compromise the present and future health of people infected with the viruses..

***** Even the logic of just choosing to think about ways in which humanity can gain advantages of known statistical medical data of patients and COVID 19 are not being pursued with earnest.

For Global citizens who are keen on seeking solutions that can end the Global COVID 19 Pandemic, these are the medical advantages I see, that can benefit humanity, their economies, and their lifestyles.

Globally, people with have to come together and facilitate for the 2% who are dying or are at high risk of dying from COVID 19, to be afforded cure procedures that will:

* Save them from dying from COVID 19
* Prevent severe bodily damages of their vital organs, bloodstream walls, scaring, and compromising people’s present and future health.

The Advantages of choosing women plasma donor, as best COVID 19 cure procedures:

* Medical statistical data and press released statements prove and state that more women survive COVID 19 than men.
Logically this proves that women’s immune systems are far better equipped to eradicate the viruses from their bodies.

* Stem cells of women promote far better cell growth and structure fibre than male stem cells.
Women’s bodies have evolved and adapted to keep their bodies healthier inorder to give their babies the best growth possible.
Link : Confirming research on mice proves females stem cells are far better that male stem cell.
Link: https://www.livescience.com/10947-sex-differences-stem-cells.html#:~:text=The%20researchers%2C%20whose%20work%20is,more%20fibers%20than%20male%20cells.&text=%E2%80%9CThat’s%20the%20end%20of%20the%20line%20for%20a%20stem%20cell.%E2%80%9D

* By choosing to gain the advantage of COVID 19, blood plasma from women would be a “Best practice cure procedure”.
* Medical science also proves that woman who exercises release enzymes that can be used to repair the brain cells of older people and increase memory and functions of the brain.
Links : https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/07/09/889467347/an-enzyme-that-increases-with-exercise-can-improve-memory-in-mice-and-maybe-peop

Blood plasma was taken from young mice that exercised and transfused into older mice, who then had increased brain function and problem-solving abilities.

* Medical science has identified the enzymes produced from exercise and are now synthesizing laboratory tablets, to increase older people’s brain functions, brain cell repair and growth of new cells, and abilities.

* Again medical science showing the advantages that people who are infected with COVID 19 viruses can gain by using women’s blood plasma.

* Best cure procedures, would be for women to first exercise before they donate blood or blood plasma.

* Women’s core body temperature are also lower than men.
Again science proving that women have stem cells that produce new red blood cells that can carry sufficient oxygen, which would mean oxygen absorbs heat to reduce body temperature.
The anti-inflammatory enzymes of stem cells would give women the advantage of been able to lower their core temperature.

* By women having sufficient and more oxygen in their Red Blood cells circulating in their blood stream helps cells function on optimal preformance.
Again showing women can aid COVID 19 infected persons to heal quicker and faster.

* Women have menstrual cycles each month and repair their womb lines within a month by using stem cells.
Again science proving active stem cell production.

Global Citizens need all the advantages they can receive to have the best cure practices that can ensure the most advantages they can receive inorder to heal quickly and effectively from COVID 19.

At present all it takes to receive blood plasma or stem cells are the following:

* A visit to the local GP who gives a letter for plasma or blood stem cell treatment

* A family member or a member of public then go to a Pathology Institution for blood compatibility with the patient.

* Results are then taken to a Blood Bank Institution, along with doctors letter and 72 hours later the transfusion can take place, if donors blood is disease free.

Globally lockdowns are being reintroduce and here in South Africa they even have bans on cigarettes and alcohol that disrupt mental states of mindsets, employment and the country’s economy.

Globally if the 2 % of Citizens who are most at risk of dying from COVID 19 can be afforded the opportunity to recieve best practices of cure procedures that have been used for years, this would then mean the end of the COVID 19 Pandemic, for it would not be a pandemic anymore for the disease is now cureable.

Medical and scientific data states that most children are Asymptomatic, which would mean that children have well functioning immune systems and the only difference when compared to adults would be the age of the immune systems.

This would mean young girls and women have far greater chances of surviving COVID 19, which would mean that if they exercise before giving blood, they would then afford any adult who receives their blood plasma or stem cells ,the advantage of boosting their immune system and brain cell repair.

At present the world is ” Chasing Vaccines” as the cure to end the COVID 19 Pandemic, unfortunately antigens to induce a response for people’s own immune system to develop antibodies to eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 viruses, will not work for many of older persons , due to their immune systems having lost a lot of their functions and abilities due to old age.

The saving grace for older people is that “Humanity has Evolved on Mothers Passive Immunity”, where best cure practices like woman’s blood plasma and stem cells will rejuvenate and fortify their immune systems to function far better.

No vaccines, with their antigens, can rejuvenate older people’s immune system or brain cells.

The only thing that older people have for an advantages is ” Best COVID 19 Cure Practices and Procedures”.

Best COVID 19 cure procedures would then be for adults who are high risk of dying and show symptoms or test positive for COVID 19 to receive blood plasma and stem cells as soon as possible.

Scientific data states that after people experience the 2 to 5 day onset of COVID 19, they will either start recovering or progress with further COVID 19 symptoms and complications.

Best cure procedures would then be to afford those who don’t show signs of recovery after 5 days, the option of being able to receive blood plasma and stem cells.

The initial onset of COVID 19 sometimes show symptoms of severe head aches, upper body aches and pains, swollen glass, heavy signs of flu like symptoms, temperature and fever, and some people vomit or feel like vomiting, some people experience upset stomachs.

For donors who are not comfortable or don’t like the thought or idea of giving plasma because they are afraid of plasma machines giving then infections or just don’t want to take the chance of their blood being infected, as the plasma machines extra plasma and then return ” Red Blood cells back to the donor, can just give blood.

The blood can then go through the plasma separation without the need to return red blood cells.

The practice of just donating blood would encourage more people to become blood donors.

There are more that enough donors in a country to cure the present ICU patients and those citizens who are at high risk of dying if they are infected with COVID 19 viruses.

Globally if these best cure procedures are implemented and supported by global citizens, then the COVID 19 Pandemic will end, which means economies get restarted and global citizens get their lifestyles back and opportunities to once again earn incomes.

The COVID 19 Pandemic is also stopping people from being able to help Nature to stem and prevent “Climate Change, Global Warming and Pollution”.

I am hoping that global citizens who read this can afford themselves the opportunity to start their own NGO in their town or city suburb to facilitate their community members the opportunity to pay for blood plasma and stem cell transfusions of community members who will need these best COVID 19 cure practices and procedures, but with the difference that during the ending of COVID 19, these NGO’s also do eco projects in their town or city suburb to clean fresh water bodies.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has shown the importance of healthy fresh water bodies, dams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, to aid stronger immune systems for community members, with they drinking, bathing or showering with and agricultural water usage of cleaner fresh water.

I am also hoping that the NGO’s will start tunnel farming and aqua-ponics growing of produce to give to the needy and poor in their town or city suburb.

For if more of their community members can eat healthier that would mean that children could preform better at school and become well educated, spoken and read, which would then afford them to become successful in life, which means these children acquire homes, vehicles and assets, which means more money will be printed and circulating in communities and the country which will create more opportunities for more people and children to become successful.

If you reading this text and you believe this will give humanity the advantages over COVID 19 to end the pandemic then please consider being a blood donor, or supporting and becoming involved in your own community NGO.

I am going to put this out on many Go-funds anyone wanting to support their town or city suburb NGO please name your country, town and city suburb and consider donating so that these NGO’s can be started.

The Go-Fund platforms will keep the integrity and honesty in check, so that money can be made available to start your own community NGO, for you just need helping donations to kick start your town or city suburb NGO.

I also have links in this text and some Go-fund platforms don’t load or like links, and I will load these links and “Best practice cure procedures” text on our eco website : eaglesaquaguardians.org.

Anyone wanting to contact me the email and details are on our website.

I am really hope that those who read this text will see the advantages of helping to save and cure your community members, as well as the benefits of being able to end the COVID 19 Pandemic, so that “Humanity and Nature can once again thrive by being more in harmony together”.

Thank you for reading the text and choosing to help ” Humanity & Nature”.
God Bless in your “Gift of Life”
5 Eagles…..







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