2020/2021 COVID 19 Experts Denying Citizens ROBUST CROSSOVER IMMUNITY, to gain COVID 19 Passes to RE-GROW Lives, Heath, Mental Wellness & Global Economies.


Medical Staff who recovered right in the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic, still working in “Hospital COVID 19 Wards”, exposed to New COVID 19 Strains/Mutations/New Variants, still have not been “Re-Infected”…..

Proving Scientiacally and Medically that they have ROBUST CROSSOVER IMMUNITY, to all forms of COVID 19.

They have ROBUST CROSSOVER IMMUNITY, innate immune systems, that prevent COVID 19 viruses from entering their “Bloodstream”.

Yet still globally, Citizens who have recovered from COVID 19 are denied “COVID 19 Passes” to RE-GROW their Economies.

Year and years of research on Immunity and Vaccines, prove that human and animals when exposed to “Wild Viruses” and they recover, are proven Scientiacally and Medically to have developed a ROBUST IMMUNITY of their Innate Immune System, and the “Wild Viruses” can not pass their respiratory track’s cells barrier of Immunity, to infect their “Bloodstream”.

And still this “Scientific/Medical Evidence”, is ignored, and denied….

For a “Year”, global media and many scientists and COVID 19 experts have being claiming Immunity disappears/decrease /drops in 3 months…..

Citizens Lifestyles, incomes, small and big business, health and mental wellness crushed.

Globally, people starving, the poor forced to degrade their diets, health and mental wellness…

Global countries “Constitutions and Law Courts”, silenced into compromising “Citizens Lives, Health, Mental Wellness and Global Economies”.

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