Nasal damage due to PCR Swab Testing

Shit the Scientific and Medical COVID 19 Experts sure don’t understand the Innate Immune System’s purposes, functions and abilities.

Neutrophils Antibodies in saliva and mucus secrete peptides that destroy bacteria, pathogens and any form of COVID 19, making all off the COVID 19 viruses antigens and peptides available in secretions of saliva and mucus….yet the choose to use a deep probing que tip swab to be inserted need into the nasal cavities.

Had their been any COVID 19 Viruses, on the moist deep nasal areas, their antigens would of been present in Saliva and mucus( Spit & Snot).

Instantaneously eye tearing and of cause damages to the paper thin membrane and general soft tissue areas.

Strange way to compromise global citizens and their children’s health of nasal cavities and disrupt the nasal cavities abilities to secrete mucus during a COVID 19 infection, for a dripping nose and back drop of mucus begins,as soon as neutrophils detect COVID viruses.

Neutrophils secrete peptides to incrase mucus,just a pity that the paper thin membrane has been damaged.

Now given that the back drop of mucus will soon flow into the stomach and cause a Sensation of vomiting or Puking.

Neutrophils in saliva and mucus also present the viruses antigens to saliva and mucus glands, and the lungs cells, to start the process for a ROBUST CROSSOVER IMMUNITY, in 3 days.

I suppose it would be to much to ask the COVID 19 Experts to not jeapodised Citizen’s Innate Immune System.
Or the country’s Constitution Rights, for Citizens, Health, Life, Mental Wellness or Global Economies.
How many Citizens would state the PCR test has effected their nasal cavity, that was tested.

Forced Masks, cause bacterial lung Infections,that cause inflammation, which cause vitamin D levels to drop.

Dropped vitamin D levels, weaken the ” Innate and Adaptive Immune System’s ROBUST IMMUNITY”, causing susceptibility to diseases and COVID 19 Virus Strains/Mutations/and New Variants.

It’s a pity how 2020/2021 COVID 19 Experts ignore, defy and deny these medical journals and medical text book “Medical Facts/Evidence/Proof”.

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