Nuclear Wars & the 6th Mass Extinction 2023…

World War Three & Nuclear Wars Equals 6th Mass Extinction 2023
Links: Australian MP Against the WHO COVID 19 Vaccines & Agendas
Seems like NATO and the ICC want world war three to Begin……
Nuclear radiation: Kills Humans, Marine Life and Wildlife:
Nuclear Radiation: Can cause the soil and the environment to be toxic for more than 20 years.
So much for WHO caring about Humanity and Nature.
Or all government representatives caring  about this Beautiful Blue Planet’s Biodiversity and all Natural Environments.
22 March 2023 Global Water Day: Nuclear Radiation within Water: Make the Water Undrinkable
Bye Bye Global Freshwater and Food Security.
Global Community Neighbourhoods: Where will they get their safe Freshwater and Food from?
Lab meat, insects….
If Human Beings : Can not get Access to drink fresh water : Human Beings will then die within 3 days
Seems like basic 1 + 1 logical thinking: Is now non existent: Within many global governments…
3 Days : No Water: You and your family, friends and neighbours : Will Die.
You won’t have to worry about or be concerned about Global Warming and Climate Change: Ushering in the said and claimed 6th Mass Extinctions
And Nature’s Wildlife and Marine: will be destroyed.
Beacuse , global political leaders: Would have caused the 6th Mass Extinction, of this Blue Planet: called Earth
Strange though: I thought that global country’s Supreme Constitutions: Are supposed to protect the Citizens, Nature and a Country.
Now :  I thought Citizens of Global Countries are duty bound to ensure that their Country’s Supreme Laws (Constitution) is fulfilled and upheld.
The Laws?
Because of. . . . .use your 1 + 1 = 2 basic logical thoughts, feelings and emotions….
Protect the Gift and Gifts of Life, 4 Humanity and Nature:
4 the good and benifits of : Human Beings, Marine life and Wildlife.

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