#Global Citizens Need To Use Their Collective Brainpower to Problem Solve COVID 19 Cures.

Global Citizens Need To Use Their Collective Brainpower to Problem Solve COVID 19 Cures.

12 March 2020


In this petition, you can also find links to “Cures” for the coronavirus COVID 19, already healing critically ill patients.

Links to how the COVID 19 been engineered with HIV( AIDS) proteins, the SARS virus and another bat virus.

And the importance for global citizens to use their capabilities of collective brainpower for problem-solving the COVID 19 virus.

The petition has two causes:

1. To get global citizens to put pressure on governments, pharmaceutical companies, vaccines companies and medical institutions, as to why they are not making vaccines against the COVID 19 virus, as per the method of every other viral vaccine most children have received during their childhood.

Based on these reasons:

– All of these viral vaccines are based on using human antibodies against a particular viral disease, where human antibodies and virus parts are given to children as a vaccine during their childhood.

– This route of mass production of vaccines has been used for years already, so why are there now so many companies not pursuing this proven method.

– The Spanish Flu was beaten by taking human plasma antibodies as a cure more than 100 years ago.

– The technology already exists in laboratories to mass-produce human antibodies that have been taken from trial patient’s plasma who have overcome a particular virus, with the manufacturing process of their own immune systems in producing antibodies to overcome the viral infection.

– At present many countries are using human donor plasma antibodies to cure critical patients in 3 days, but there are too few recoveries, so why are they not mass producing these antibodies in laboratories.

– To get global citizens to think and if the above individuals do not want to mass-produce human antibodies and the vaccines in laboratories, then global citizens will have to network and make the vaccines in laboratories themselves.

– To get global citizens to put pressure on governments to release the “data” on human trials conducted in 2007 with the SARS vaccine. Human trials where conducted and this data will save many global citizens lives, for the ” Medical Research” at present in 2020 are showing and releasing information to the public that ” SARS Antibodies Are Neutralising COVID 19″.

– ***** 2017 there where 400 participants enrolled.https://clinicaltrials.gov › show › NC…Investigating Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – ClinicalTrials.govLast Update Posted: July 2, 2017 … The purpose of this study is to better understand SARS by collecting samples of … SARS is associated with infection with a novel coronavirus…400 participants enrolled.

–  https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00533741?fbclid=IwAR106oY8MCr6sJl82pXgWZ2qjGFXS8VolaxCMTigcTw8OsPeF35XpsJ1-yA 

– https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/newly-identified-flu-antibodies-could-improve-vaccines-treatments?fbclid=IwAR37VyrBJWzqdW-G_lheMq1tYq6iu1Ac-tLxkNB9nV_d5K90_e8iA6GJBCc#.XpC-Y-mq4Rk.facebook

– China’s research also shows that the SARS and MERS human antibodies neutralise the COVID 19 virus, which would mean that most probably China’s citizens in big cities would have received  “Flu shot or vaccine” against SARS and MERS viruses and would be the reason why so few of their big cities citizens never got infected with COVID 19. https://youtu.be/j1vFHJxGLuY

Human trials were being conducted in 2007 and China is known as a country that copies, mass produces and manufactures items for sale global. Practically every item in homes global will have a ” Made in China mark”.

At the time the internet was abuzz with biological war weapons in the form of flu viruses and to believe that China would not venture into protecting their citizens against flu virus weapons would not be wise.

At the time many countries were also working with each other via their medical institutions and professional.

– It will also account as to why two of China’s main cities had 5 deaths out of 400, odd cases and 8 deaths out of 500, odd cases.

– It will also account as to why China’s economy is coming back online with a big focus to supply medical items to the rest of the world and why the rest of the world is in unlock down and experiencing economical difficulties.

– Flu shots also use antibodies from humans to attack various parts of a flu virus. https://www.facebook.com/100043768389576/posts/166293724839573/?app=fbl

Double click mouse then click the link to view videos:

Cures for COVID 19 healing critically ill people now:  

– https://www.facebook.com/164305410295882/posts/5528144523911917/?app=fbl

– https://youtu.be/j1vFHJxGLuY

– https://youtu.be/47IOaG2oUQQ

– https://www.facebook.com/gmanews/videos/934098277011028/?t=0

– ***** https://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/…/coronavirus-mers-cov…/

– https://www.facebook.com/100043768389576/posts/165437538258525/?app=fbl

2. To stop the poisons being sprayed in the USA on Florida’s water bodies, that are not just compromising Floridians, Wildlife and Marine life’s immune systems, but are threatening global citizens immune systems based on the reactions these poisons are causing in Nature that affect global oceans, which have a direct impact on chain reactions in Nature on all life forms on this planet.

Double click mouse on links to view videos:

–  https://www.facebook.com/CNNReplay/videos/181389139867952/?app=fbl

– https://youtu.be/sU0mBLejFRA

–  https://youtu.be/sKKu7VdN1IE

If a 100 000 signatures are obtained then the USA White House has to respond by their laws to the petition.

Global citizens have been placed into lockdown and been asked to stay at home to protect the health of the elderly, sickly and people with compromised immune systems.

At present, the technology already exists to isolate human antibodies from their plasma and mass produce in laboratories to make vaccines, which will give the vulnerable opportunities to have access to the vaccines should they fall ill and critically ill patients struggling with COVID 19 the opportunity to heal.

Given the above links far more from worldly governments should have been done regarding these medical cures, already existing medical technologies regarding the medical history of vaccine making and medical developments.

***** Stop the poisons being sprayed in the USA, on Florida’s freshwater bodies, for it will then stop the “Blue-Green Algae Crisis”, which are producing “BMAA Toxins” and methane gasses which weaken human immune systems and harm Floridians, Global Citizens, Wildlife and Marine life’s health.

For in Nature there are freshwater brown silica algae growths that outcompete, surface cover and curb blue “Green Algae Blooms” throughout the world.

The freshwater bodies will change colour from pea soup green to a brown colour as the brown algae multiple to cloud the vertical columns of water to outcompete and balance blue-green algae levels ( Biomass of Blue-Green Algae is drastically reduced).

The brown silica algae will eventually sink and be replaced by yellow diatoms for autumn, followed by winter floods and turn over cycles.

Nature has been balancing, purifying and keeping water bodies healthy in this manner for billions of years.

Globally, freshwater brown algae will bloom during the summer acidification period of freshwater bodies, due to water levels dropping that cause the bankside vegetation to turn brown and die, due to the increase of decomposing matter in bank side bog and mudflat areas, that release sulphur, ammonia, silica, nutrients and arsenic compounds that cause summer acidification periods of freshwater bodies that lessen backside vegetation and subsurface aquatic plants.

The world over, many people have seen these visuals signs in Nature, when brown algae growths rebalance and end blue-green algae blooms.

You don’t have to be a scientist to see it, all you have to do is remember or see Nature’s visual signs during the summer acidification period of freshwater bodies, to see brown algae visual signs eliminating blue-green algae blooms.

The world over, many people have seen how Nature’s annual cycles have been doing this for years. 

Unfortunately, when people choose to spray water bodies with poisons they disrupt ‘Nature’s Purifying and Balancing Cycles’.

Annual and present footage of water bodies backs up these visual signs and cycles in Nature.

Freshwater Algae Species:


But if they are allowed to spray Florida’s water bodies with poisonous sprays continuously, the brown algae growths will bloom out of proportion and not during their normal seasonal cycles, due to all the extra acidic compounds, extra nutrients and extra silica caused by dead vegetation decomposing, which result in some brown algae growths covering green living subsurface aquatic vegetation which prevents sunlight from reaching these aquatic plants, which stops their photosynthesis functions and these aquatic plants die and add more sulphur, ammonia, silica and arsenic compounds to the water bodies.

The water bodies have natural silt bottoms packed with nutrients. phosphors, lime, silica and minerals that aquatic vegetation keep in balance, but when these plants are poisoned they add their decaying matter to the silt which increases the acidic levels turning the water brown to mega bloom with brown silica algae, they die and further increase acidic levels out of season.

The results of poisonous spraying of freshwater bodies cause toxicity and circles of death to the biodiversity of the water bodies, which prevents aquatic plants from being able to purify the water and keep the water bodies healthy, this results in the water bodies becoming methane producers that increase ” Greenhouse Gasses”, that aid global warming, climate change and weaken human immune systems.

On the internet, there are lots of videos showing how the bottom food chain of these water bodies have and are being killed, numerous fish developing cancerous tumours and a hue increase of citizens developing cancer and mental disorders, due to being exposed to the poisoned water bodies and the negative chain reaction of Nature.

Videos of Nature’s chain reactions:

  Double click mouse on links to view videos: 

  **  https://www.facebook.com/CNNReplay/videos/181389139867952/?app=fbl  

 – https://youtu.be/sU0mBLejFRA

– https://youtu.be/GgziMVEX0u4

– https://youtu.be/Jhuvx7T-NJQ

– https://youtu.be/b4HweVAGMI8

**  https://www.facebook.com/CNNReplay/videos/181389139867952/?app=fbl

– https://www.facebook.com/michael.a.knepper.1/videos/10218289413645250/?t=341

– https://www.facebook.com/michael.a.knepper.1/videos/10218073067996744/?t=66

– https://www.facebook.com/michael.a.knepper.1/videos/10216677237901864/?t=167

– https://youtu.be/cy-KKUavVnw

** https://youtu.be/zyJYprXwbWk

– https://youtu.be/Ier6M-MrxPE

* – https://youtu.be/Ga2XAn6WppQ

– https://youtu.be/p-CzdrvpgMI

Scientific research on the dangers of been exposed to blue-green algae BMAA Toxins;

***** https://youtu.be/d1Z2mXJcg5o

***** https://youtu.be/1FW1Fr_IyAk

***** https://youtu.be/PKdmk-Qzyyk

*****At present the world is in lockdown waiting for vaccines and drug treatment cures against the coronavirus COVID 19.*****

Coronavirus COVID 19, cures healing critical patients so far:

– https://youtu.be/47IOaG2oUQQ

– https://youtu.be/j1vFHJxGLuY

– https://trib.al/XePKYoL

– https://www.facebook.com/164305410295882/posts/5528144523911917/?app=fbl

– https://www.facebook.com/100043768389576/posts/165452288257050/?app=fbl

***** Some info about the processes of making vaccines from human antibodies:

– https://www.darkdaily.com/human-antibodies-in-medical-laboratory-may-be-key-to-immunity-and-preventing-diseases-such-as-influenza-a-1218/

– https://youtu.be/UPkVbZ9X_jQ

Freshwater methane gasses and blue-green algae BMAA toxins weaken the human body’s immune system to be able to function properly to overcome the coronavirus, bacterial and other viral infections.

Yet just like the Amazon, other tropical fires and other pollutants cause a chain reaction in Nature that threatens to compromise many global citizens immune systems, so too does the spraying of Florida’s water bodies with aquatic poisons threaten many global citizens immune systems and wellbeing. 

Due to the continued spraying of Florida’s water bodies, it causes a chain reaction to take place in Nature, by causing major death to occur along both sides of Florida’s coastlines, as well as aiding “Red Tides” to bloom causing more death and the unbalancing of these coastal waters.

The main circulating Global Currents pick up and carry Florida’s poisons, acidification of its waters and it’s dying coral reefs add alkaline( Lime) minerals to these currents to increase the chain reaction of acidification of the Planet’s oceans.

So instead of Florida’s waters and life forms acting as filters of bacteria, viruses and excess minerals, they now help increase the acidity of Earth’s oceans.

The more pollutants that are added to oceans currents the more the acidification and chain reactions will grow, which further destroys zooplankton and phytoplankton to add more acidification minerals and toxicity to the ‘Planet’s Oceans’.

Nature has many “Silver Bullets” that aid and balance the Planet to be able to support life forms as a ” Blue Planet”. Unfortunately, many global citizens have been kept from being able to see and understand many of these ” Silver Bullets”.

One of Nature’s Silver Bullets is seen when the Sun’s Radiation beats down upon the ocean surfaces when certain currents are moving in the same direction as the wind.

The oceans will then cause various salt densities to mix on the surface and the sun’s radiation will then split up these various salt densities into minerals that turn the surface milky green and increase the acidic levels and mineral content.

Globally many people have seen how ocean surfaces turn this milky green colour, which can occur for hundreds of miles when certain winds and currents move in the same direction, which is Nature’s way of providing minerals for plankton and phytoplankton to bloom due to many of them using chlorophyll cells for photosynthesis and their ability to absorb ocean minerals.

Dubai and Israel have been desalinating ocean waters and using the freshwater for ” Tunnel Produce Farming”, due to the super enrichment of trace minerals, that cause super growth in their produce.

– https://youtu.be/3aZ8E7hj8VU

– https://youtu.be/v1DT4yvxpMw

– https://youtu.be/taMWUjda3fA

– https://youtu.be/jUWdtwYh96c

Unfortunately, many people have been led to believe that whales pooing in the oceans provide all the minerals for the ocean’s plankton and phytoplankton species to exist and without the whales, the oceans would die and that would mean that all life forms including humans on land would die.

The results are that many people have believed this and this has resulted in preventing them from being able to see how Nature has been functioning for billions of years.

The misconception also prevents many people from being able to think logically to be able to identify the problems in Nature so that they can come up with eco-solutions to aid ” Nature’s Silver Bullets” and their functions of being able to support life on the Planet.

At the moment globally the oceans are becoming more acidic, due to more of the Sun’s Radiation reaching the surfaces of oceans, due to the Earth’s weakened cosmic magnetic field that is not deflecting the ” Sun’s Daily Radiation” and Solar Flares as it did in past years.

The imbalance of volumes of Oxygen(O2), Ozone(O3) and Nitrogen in the Planet’s atmosphere are negatively charged that cause the Sun’s Radiation to be showered and disappeared over oceans, land and freshwater bodies so that the heat is not concentrated. ( these atmospheric elements act as the main near defence against the sun’s radiation).

Satellite Videos of Sun’s Radiation and Cosmic Rays being dispersed in showering effects.

***** – https://youtu.be/4NWgEfbNzho

 – https://youtu.be/qyWntl87HoQ

– https://youtu.be/BH-T2rtxdUg

Satellite Video effects of Solar flares and the Sun’s Daily Radiation on the Planet’s Magnetosphere:

– https://youtu.be/XUMs6ALGnGc

– https://youtu.be/o4FSg-90XlA

– https://youtu.be/Dshhe7dt6Jg

– https://youtu.be/XXFVpwecixY

During the Cretaceous Period:


– there were no ” Polar Flipping of Earth Poles”, for a big part of the Cretaceous period, and polar flipping was noted after this period.

– ***** This would point to the importance of having big volumes of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Ozone in the Planet’s atmosphere and show that these elements play a vital role in the strengthening of Earth’s ” Magnetisophere” to shield the planet from cosmic rays and the sun’s radiation.

– Plants and animals grew gigantic, due to an increase of radiation of atomic matter been present in Earth’s soils, oceans, water bodies and atmosphere, which allowed vegetation to use this atomic gamma radiation during the night to continue to grow and function.

– during this period due to trees, vegetation and life forms growing gigantic would mean that Oxygen, Ozone and Nitrogen volumes would have increased astronomically.

– ***** It also shows why the Planet is experiencing global warming and climate change, with a big need to stop methane levels been caused by the loss of freshwater bodies and global wetlands due to pollution and poisons. 

– It also shows that any positive way of stopping the loss of aquatic vegetation, wetlands and forests are important.

The negative charges of oxygen, ozone and nitrogen cause the dispersement of the sun’s radiation of heat that lessens skin cancers, but they also release energy to power up and strengthen Earth’s cosmic protective magnetic field to act as a cosmic sunshield, during solar flares and the sun’s daily radiation.

The Cretaceous period shows that due to more volumes of oxygen and nitrogen been present in the atmosphere, it allowed the planet to have far greater protection from the sun’s radiation.

The internet reveals many videos of the biodiversity of Florida being destroyed and causing chain reactions in Nature that will and are affecting global citizens immune systems and their Planet.

Videos of human immune systems been compromised:

– https://www.facebook.com/CNNReplay/videos/181389139867952/?app=fbl

– http://wpbf.com/article/protests-planned-against-fwc-use-of-chemical-herbicide-in-lake-okeechobee/31028532?src=app


– https://www.facebook.com/michael.a.knepper.1/videos/10218511760083772/?app=fbl

– https://www.facebook.com/michael.a.knepper.1/videos/10218658682916751/?t=357


  ***** Don’t give donations to this petition, just consider signing.****  

If you are worried about the present state of the world due to COVID 19 then consider signing the petition.

If you would like to help stop many global citizens immune systems being compromised, then consider signing the petition.

If you believe that this petition can help then consider sharing via email, WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

Some social media platforms would block this petition, as going against their community standards, so I will post this on my blog and website for those wanting to discuss, network and dialogue with each other, for at present many of the world’s citizens health is at risk and with many being in lockdown food will become a problem as many will lose their ability to earn a living to support their family and themselves.

The more global citizens who choose to put their collective brainpower together to problem solve the present coronavirus outbreak and crisis the quicker solutions will be brought to life.

Hoping to get over a 100 000 signatures and help all the water groups, forums and individuals in Florida and the world, who have been trying to stop the poisoning of Florida’s water bodies and coastline. I became aware of Florida’s water problems in 2017 and have been trying to help since then. 

My brother and his family have been living in Florida, Fort Pierce for 26 years, and towards the end of the year his wife past away due to cancer and I understand the importance for people to have access to safe clean water and environments.

Please do not give any donations towards this petition, just consider signing and sharing, thank you XXXXX

website: https://eaglesaquaguardians.org

WordPress org blog: https://profiles.wordpress.org/eaglesaquaguardians 

Facebook: Cameron Reed https://www.facebook.com/cameron.reed.7906

This video below is very important to watch, as it sheds a light of information that has been lacking from global media on COVID 19, for global citizens.

It gives information of how COVID 19 was made in a laboratory, by bio-engineering the SARS virus to another bat virus and then adding the HIV protein to the Spike as an S- protein key, so that the HIV protein would allow COVID 19 to be transmitted in humans.

The video also shows what global citizens are up against regarding COID 19 virus.

There are links below that talk about medical breakthrough cures for HIV.

This video exposing COVID 19 virus been made in a laboratory, is also very manipulative and it’s mainly focused on breaking China’s government as the main agenda.

Unfortunately, most media have their own agendas and global citizens need to use the information to be able to come up with solutions to combat and find vaccines for COVID 19 virus.

It would have been nice if this informative video, demonstrating lengthy investigation methods, applied the same investigation capabilities into the cures being implemented so far for people being cured of the COVID 19 coronavirus.

This video also shows and demonstrates that global citizens will have to put their collective brainpower together to problem solve the COVID 19 virus, for at present it seems global citizens will definitely need to apply their minds if they don’t want to remain in lockdown and watch their world fall apart, for there is definitely a lot of manipulation at play global.

Global citizens often get told, “Knowledge is Power”.

***** Now would be a good time to use this power.

***** Video Explaining How HIV Protein Was Used To Allow COVID 19 To Be Transmitted To Humans *****


***** Cure breakthrough in killing HIV .*****


– Cure For AIDS:


  ***** Please don’t give donations to this petition, just consider signing, thank you ****    

Use your Power.

Facebook group: “Coronavirus Recoveries and Medication” has many useful post links

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